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Joe Biden Will Lose To Trump Because Of Biden's Corruption.....

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Democrats wanted an October Surprise, well here it is.  The laptop which holds proof that Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was setting up joint ventures with Joe Biden himself to funnel money from China and Burisma to the Biden family is in the hands of the FBI.  Of course, Republicans now have a complete copy of everything on that computer, and the FBI cannot protect the corrupt Biden Family from dissemination of the damning documents.


Christopher Wray is under pressure to verify the authenticity of the laptop.  Doesn't matter, its authenticity has already been verified, not only by private experts, but by the FBI once before when they had that same laptop in their possession. 


Even if Biden were to be elected, which he won't, he would be arrested before his inauguration.  In that event Kamala Harris would be President, and the Civil War II will be upon us.

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