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Conservative candidates always get a great majority of the over-55yrs-old voters. Grandparents.

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If you were a grandparent, would you vote for a Presidential candidate who disrespects his infant grandchildren? Or, any grandchild??

Is that candidate exemplifying the type of character you want, to lead your nation??


Undecided Voters, Dem voters...what say you??

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National and swing-state polls in the last week show an exodus among voters 65 and older from Trump to Biden, an alarming sign for the president after NBC News exit polls showed he won that crucial Republican-leaning cohort by 8 points in 2016.


A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Biden leading Trump by 14 points, his largest advantage ever in the survey. Among seniors 65 and older, Biden led by a startling 27 points, marking a 23-point swing in his direction in one month.

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NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that Biden has a staggering 27 point lead over Trump among Americans aged 65 and up (62% to 35%). A CNN/SSRS poll two days later showed similar results, with Biden leading in the age group by 21 points (60% to 39%).


The trend can also be found on a state level as well. Take Michigan, for example, a state Trump narrowly won in 2016: A WDIV/Detroit News poll from Oct. 5 shows Biden leading Trump by roughly 30 points among voters 65 and older (59% to 29%). Since early September, that voting bloc within the state moved 22 points towards Biden.

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