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Riddle Me This: what do you feel the rest of the world says about America's, media, when they see 95% of all outlets breaking the law/being unfair to the U.S. President?

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6 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

I heard on NPR the global medical community  shakes their heads at how poorly we handle the crud..


Oh fussy fuss.


We not be asking for any new goods, services or TV programing today, just be getting on back into your own areas and try to clam down.

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95% of the world are left leaning mindless drones. They don’t give a shit. 

Let's kidnap some Governors

The United States is a pathetic laughing stock to the world right now.   Communist countries are probably saying "Freedom of speech huh? Hows that working out for you?"

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21 hours ago, Zaro said:

The rest of the world hates us. America is the ugly maker

Who gives a fuck! If America had to, push come to shove, America could "do it alone" we have energy, farmland, water, and manpower.


Fuck the rest of them. No more being played like a chump. No more mr nice guy. No money for foreign countries that hate us and want to kill us. This is part of the reason TRUMP was elected. Tired of this shit.

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1 minute ago, Chongo said:


Oh fussy fuss.


We not be asking for any new goods, services or TV programing today, just be getting on back into your own areas and try to clam down.

We took the Grandson and actually  went inside to the Hibachi  yesterday.   2nd dine out  experience since March.. It was delicious!

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43 minutes ago, Scout said:

The rest of the world sees TRUMP lying to the world and Americans

several times daily.  They think any means possible to get rid of

him is okay with them.  


That is an extremely warped sense of reasoning by which you pretend that Trump is a liar therefore you cheer on the misinformation outlets which hoodwinked you into thinking that. CNN lied to you, since 2015. And you will never do the right thing, of reviewing your feelings for Trump on the day before you ever watched any CNN or MSM episodes of hate against him. Then go reconnect with those feelings for Trump.

Worst of all is how you have topped it off by praising all anti-Trump acts especially verified illegalities and unfairness in real time. Yes you wake up daily, reflect on that exact evil strategy you love, then you conclude that you somehow deserve to blessed with favorable results on Election day.


You or @Squatchman or @Toldya actually feel Repubs are whining about being "oppressed" thanks to us all living within a moment where...

Supposedly neutral organizations cheat the electoral process. In the year 2000, a law was created to let the Googles and Facebooks and Twitters and Yahoos and Youtubes of the world become the largest companies in America and dictating Pop Culture that you adhere to ---just as long as they promised to stay fair and neutral to all sides.  Now today you all laugh at Repubs, not stand with Repubs, concerning what we all see/those huge companies hath abandoned their creed to Congress. Yes they have aborted the idea of being neutral as according to what they signed onto in order to launch their platforms years ago. Think aout it; those companies just abadoned Democracy/broke the law, and you honored them for it.


Think about it sister, you hate Trump so much to whereas you now enjoy watching Facebook Twitter Google etc vehemently break the laws which allow them to be in business, just to make sure they helped you try to defeat Donald Trump.  Deep in your hearts you all know the support you give on this is 100%, trifling, and you know this effort/this machine is deranged that you all have concocted into a force against Trump since Nov 2016.


At some point, your actions must bring you what you deserve ---and when it is NOT a blessing you have to then be fair, find a local mirror/do a deep invasive intrusive inventory-audit.

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3 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

They are NOT unfair to Trump. They tell the TRUTH about for fat ratbastard.


FACT: According to factcheck.org President Trump has denounced White Supremacist and KKK and Skinheads almost twenty (20) times since 2016 yet Twitter continues to let Biden tweet the same lie re: Trump won't denounce White Supremacists.

FACT: Twitter flagged a tweet from America's 3rd largest newspaper/disabled viewers from seeing it, because it gave factual information which portrays Joe Biden as corrupt.

FACT: Twitter flagged Trump's post and disabled viewers from seeing it, when he gave factual COVID info that The Dem Party does not appreciate coming from reputable doctors and scientists the Trump Admin consults. 


FACT: You call this fair because you hate President Trump so much.

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3 hours ago, SheikhYerbouti said:

I am a Dem voter.  So I hate the, USA, and I deserve to have my citizenship revoked so I can be shipped to China and live happily ever after on Beijing Biden's CandyLand estate in Wuhan. 



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