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Trump's Performanc At NBC Town Hall Last Night...

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So, I watched most of the town hall with Trump on NBC.  First time I've watched anything on NBC in years.  The moderator made sure not to throw any softballs Trump's way, but that doesn't matter. 


Donald Trump clearly expected Guthrie to ask hardball questions of him.  He was prepared.  Some of the so-called hardball questions were just stupid, like the one about white supremacy.  Trump handled it and hit the ball hard back at her, but in a good way.


I noticed that many pro-Biden people were permitted to ask Trump questions.  Their questions were actually not that bad.  Most were respectful, and Trump was very respectful to them.  In fact, the dialogue between Donald Trump and the folks at the Town Hall asking questions really showcased Trump's charisma and personal appeal to the regular person.  Trump did not come off as elitist.  He was not aloof.  In fact, he was very strong and positive in addressing these questions.  You could see each of the people who asked Trump a question, whether they were pro-Biden or pro-Trump, they listened to him and connected with him.  In fact, I truly believe they really liked him, especially the Biden lady who asked him an immigration question. 


Trump came off as real.  He was relatable and very human.  He showed how much he cares about Americans - this really came through.  The Genuineness of Donald Trump really stole the show.


I haven't watched any of the Biden town hall yet - I'll eventually get around to it.  But, I doubt that he had the type of interaction with regular people that Trump did. 

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