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Mail-In Voting and the Coronavirus

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As for mail-in voting:  Despite what Trump says, mail-in voting is NOT A SCAM, and it will NOT lead to widespread voter fraud.  MOST OF US know that, and HE knows that.

We have been doing a lot of mail-in voting for MANY years in this country, and there has been NO evidence of widespread voter fraud associated with it.
  Furthermore, according to FBI investigators, they have seen NO evidence of any widespread voter fraud associated with it.

So, the REAL SCAM is Trump’s PHONY claim that mail-in voting is a scam.

So, Don-the-Con strikes again ... just like he did with his Trump University scam, his Birther scam, and his Coronavirus scam.
  And now he is striking with his Mail-In Voting scam.

With his Coronavirus scam, he LIED to the American people, and DOWNPLAYED the danger of a virus that he KNEW was EXTREMELY dangerous.
  With his Mail-In Voting scam, he is LYING to the American people, and EXAGGERATING the danger of mail-in voting fraud, a danger that he KNOWS is MINISCULE. 

That is typical Trump.  He is constantly spewing ALTERNATIVE facts, and he is constantly trying to convince us that his alternative facts are actually actual facts.  He is now spewing alternative facts about mail-in voting and the Coronavirus, because he wants us to fear a FAKE danger and to ignore a REAL danger.

And Trump is trying to convince us to live in his REALITY TV world.
  Fortunately, most of us prefer to live in the REAL world, and we refuse to join him in HIS world.  But sadly, he has convinced MANY of his fans to live with him in his world.   And that is VERY dangerous for them, AND very dangerous for us who live in the REAL world.  As a result, we are at risk of losing our democracy and our freedoms to a DESPOT, and we are at risk of losing our livelihoods and our lives to a virus, because of an IRRESPONSIBLE FOOL.

Trump’s pep rallies are truly bizarre.
 He whips his fans into a tizzy over a FAKE danger, and he puts them at ease over a REAL danger.  That is so perverted!  He is truly a VERY talented con artist ... for those who are willing to buy into his cons.

So, why is Trump propagating his Mail-In Voting scam?
  I think most of us know why, and it is for two reasons.  First of all, it is one of the MANY scams that he is using to STEAL the 2020 election.   And secondly, it is a diversionary scam designed to DISTRACT us from his gross mismanagement of the Coronavirus problem ... JUST IN CASE, his Coronavirus scam does not con us into believing that the virus is a non-danger.

Trump said that he wanted to make America great again.
  But his Mail-In Voting scam is undermining our democratic voting process ... a process that MAKES America great.  And Trump says that he is pro-life.   But because of his Coronavirus scam, MANY MORE lives are being lost to the virus than there had to be.  (Furthermore, he is trying to have Obamacare repealed.  If he is successful, that will cost EVEN MORE lives.)

Apparently, MAGA actually means “Make America Go Away”.
 Other slogans that would be appropriate here:  MAGS for “Make Americans Get Sick”, MAGU for “Make Americans Get Unemployed”, and MATA for “Make America Trump’s Autocracy”.

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I am not a fan of mail-in voting.  I know it's necessary in some cases and desirable in others, but there's no question that less secure and less reliable.  


I just helped my wife complete her mail-in ballot.   She doesn't usually vote, but I 'helped' her register her online and request a ballot.  Without my help, she wouldn't have bothered with it as the two pages of instructions and three different envelopes were too much trouble for her.  In normal times, we would need to notarize her signature on one of the envelopes, but with COVID, a copy of a driver's license will suffice.  


My wife doesn't follow politics and usually won't let me discuss it with her, but with a ballot in hand, she wanted my advice on each office.  If this had been a few years ago, I'd have been giving similar assistance to several older family members (who have now passed).  Even without fraud, the integrity of the 'one person one vote' system is compromised.


Then, we put the ballot in the mail.  I wait until just before the mail carrier comes since we have had mail stolen in the past.  Hopefully the mail carrier won't lose it.  Then, the election officials will need to verify my wife's signature.  Her voter registration has her full name but her driver's license leaves out the middle name.  Hopefully the ballot won't be rejected for mismatched signatures as is common in some states.  Hopefully the ballot wasn't damaged in the mail and can still be read.   Hopefully, election officials don't 'lose' it.


Since I am more motivated to follow politics and vote than most people, I will wait until election day for my own ballot.  I will walk in, fill out my ballot and personally feed it into the machine.  When I get a green light, I'll know my vote is properly counted.


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4 hours ago, Renegade said:

I will walk in, fill out my ballot and personally feed it into the machine.  When I get a green light, I'll know my vote is properly counted.


Not necessarily.  After you see the green light, your vote can still be tampered with a dozen ways to Sunday.  No matter how votes are cast, the only thing that really matters is the integrity of election officials .... Because any voting system can be gamed.


Where I live, mail-in ballots have been the main way people vote for the last ten years.  So far, there have been no scandals or even a hint of tampering.

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