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Suckers, Losers, and Herd Immunity

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As we all know, Trump has NO RESPECT for the men and women in our military who gave their lives for our country, and who he calls “suckers and losers” for sacrificing everything for all of us, including HIM. 

But we know who the REAL SUCKERS are.

When we see one of Trump’s Covid-era pep rallies, where he has gathered a LARGE number of his fans, and he has packed them TIGHTLY together, and he has convinced them NOT to wear masks ... even when they KNOW that he LIED to them when he downplayed the danger of the Coronavirus, and they KNOW that he KNEW that the virus was a VERY CONTAGIOUS KILLER ... we know who the REAL SUCKERS are.

When we hear Trump say that many more American lives would have been lost to the virus if it was not for him, and that the virus is now under control, and that we are now rounding the corner on the virus ... and we see that his fans believe him, even though there is absolutely NO evidence to support any of these claims, and even though they KNOW that he LIED to them about the virus in the past ... we know who the REAL SUCKERS are.

And when we hear that Trump’s fans willingly sign an agreement not to sue him if they get sick with the virus after attending one of his pep rallies, and they SEE him taking precautions to protect HIMSELF from the virus, AND to protect himself from THEM ...
 we know who the REAL SUCKERS are.

It is OBVIOUS that Trump has NO concern about the welfare of his fans.
  But despite that fact, his fans believe in him, and they WORSHIP him.  We know who the REAL SUCKERS are.

And if Trump wins in November, we know who the REAL LOSERS are ... ALL OF US.
  And that INCLUDES the REAL SUCKERS, and EVERYONE they come in contact with ... directly AND indirectly.  And that has the potential to harm MILLIONS of us with the Trump Rally Virus (a new cousin of the Trump Virus).

And that reminds me.
  What about this “herd immunity” thing that Trump calls “herd mentality”? 

We all know that Trump likes the idea of a “herd immunity” strategy to “combat” the virus, despite the fact that MILLIONS of us could die, if that strategy is implemented.

When I see one of Trump’s Covid-era pep rallies, it appears that he is heeding the advice of his new Coronavirus adviser, Scott Atlas, who is pushing for the “herd immunity” strategy, and who does NOT have a background in epidemiology, or in infectious diseases such as the Coronavirus.
  And it appears that Trump is NOW implementing the “herd immunity” strategy.

And if Trump IS implementing that strategy, he would be doing it AGAINST the advice of the VAST MAJORITY of our medical experts.
  And he would be doing it, whether or not WE the American people are willing to be SACRIFICED in order to achieve herd immunity.  (Because he had the virus, he thinks that HE is safe, but the rest of us suckers and losers are on our own.) 

And if Trump is NOT implementing that strategy, his actions will have the SAME EFFECT as if he was implementing it.

Either way, it appears that Trump is implementing his “I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and not lose any of my fans” wet dream.
  But he is doing so on a MUCH LARGER scale.  (That should be a WETTER wet dream for him.)

And as he predicted, he is NOT losing any of his fans.
  They STILL worship him ... even though he is ALSO shooting at THEM.  Talk about suckers and losers!

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Much of Trump's base is a death cult, constantly egged on by the Orange Powder Clown.  The Kool-aid he's pushing is herd immunity, tribal hate and bitter National division. 


It has been estimated that to achieve herd immunity, it would take 70% of the population to become infected with COVID19.  And herd immunity itself might be a pipe-dream because it assumes immunity is long-lasting in previously infected individuals.  But Trump is a sociopath and will use any scam, no matter how brutal, to exploit the gullible. 

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Never in human history has a virus been eliminated by wide-spread contagion leading to herd immunity.


Never. Not once. Not with small-pox or measles or polio or any other deadly virus.


Trump's "let 'er rip" plan would kill 2 million or so people in the USA alone.


We could have had a sane and highly competent president to lead the nation through this pandemic. 


What a shame that's not the case.



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Why do you so quickly jump to the conclusion that the thousands of people who attend Trump’s rallies are basically morons?

To dispel a few myths. 1. They’re not stupid. 2. Americans are no more likely to blindly cheerlead for some weirdo idiot than Australians- less likely to probably. 

Can you not entertain the idea that people go along to a political rally for the same reason everyone does which is to support their candidate and to show that support in the hope that others will see he is popular and so will also support him.

The presidency and the Republican Party and congress and government is vastly bigger than just one man. They want the republicans to win because they hate and fear what the alternative is - socialism and confiscation of their hard earned wealth in support of social justice which is code for propping up losers and lazy people.


Also, RE the COVID thing. When will you realise that it is a virus that in statistical terms is only of concern to the old and infirm- similar to the way the flu can be concerning to the old and infirm.

The people attending his rallies know this. They are applying a rational and scientifically prudent level of proportionality to the risk. On the other hand, so many others are not. They are caught up in a hysteria and egged on by the likes of Daniel Andrew’s and Anastasia Pallaszyzuk. 
Don’t shout back at me that COVID kills young people too. My response is that so does the flu. Every now and then a (possibly overweight, diabetic smoker) person aged in their thirties dies of the flu. 

Proportionality in your risk assessments is crucial to living a successful life. You have to use statistics to guide you- not anecdotal stories and overblown news reports.


Automobile kill too yet we still choose to drive knowing that the good derived therein vastly outweighs the risk. By DA and AP’s logic we should have a man with a red flag walk in front of all cars at walking speed and we should close the borders lest others try to bring their lethal machines in.


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I have reread the OP and all the replies and I’m sorry you lose the debate hands down.

The argument you make contains multiple instances of hearsay and personal assumption based on your own inexperienced assessment.

Any statement along the lines of “ it appears.... pushing the herd immunity option” is hard to take seriously since it only appears to yourself and “herd immunity” as such is not an ‘option’ rather it’s a outcome 


Also, you make multiple assumptions about matters such as Trump having no concern for his supporters (who cares whether he does or doesn’t, they’re grown ups), many of his supporters being a death cult (grow up and stop trying to interject while the grown ups are talking), Trumps let em rip plan would kill 2 million people (who says this is his plan and also where do you get your numbers- I might respect your angle if you had said something like ...his hands off approach could likely mean more fatalities than a different approach).


Anyway. I also now realise this is not an Australian forum (I stumbled on it late at night and like Americans sometimes Australians can forget that other nations exist out there believe it or not).

I case you were wondering Daniel Andrew’s and Anastasia Palaszyzuk are the leaders of two of Australia’s states. They are both of the left wing variety and are acting in a stupid and dictatorial way shutting down borders and applying curfews and heavy lockdowns. 

You should be happy to have Trump. The worst I see is a slightly oddball, self promoter who is making lots of goofy calls because he got voted in to a job he is clueless about and has no training for. You should be wary of Biden- now there’s a guy who has a real agenda and he actually knows how to implement it too. 

Watch out my American friends. 

if I was American I’d probably go along on November 3, hold my nose and vote Donald- if for no other reason than Biden is bad news. Also Trumps might (according to left wing media) have no great respect for ordinary military personnel but at least he isn’t exactly trigger happy when it comes to deploying them. 

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On 10/14/2020 at 11:50 AM, RedStone7476 said:

As we all know, Trump has NO RESPECT for the men and women in our military who gave their lives for our country, and who he calls “suckers and losers” for sacrificing everything for all of us, including HIM. 

But we know who the REAL SUCKERS are.



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