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Con Posts Photos of Wicked-Ass Assault Weapons On Political Forum....

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I like guns. I hate weed, drugs and Democrats.

In your face, you returning leftist pussies:    

This is exactly what they do in Communist Nations.  Howdie Commie - nice of you to show us how you want to disarm us too.

49 minutes ago, Dontlooknow said:

I'm not concerned at all buddy. You think those things scare me. 

You're a leftist - it's a given that they scare you!  You should double up on wearing covid Masks - just like that chicken-shit Biden. 

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20 hours ago, Scout said:

Great photo.  Could we get Spartan to try to rescue them?  :D    

That's the thing, Scout.  Leftists think they know how to destroy firearms with a steam roller.  But, Patriots have the know-how to not only rescue all of those firearms, but also craft their own from the remains of your piece-of-crap Prius.


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