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Nancy may be right.  Trump may have crossed the line and she is the only politician who will call out. 

In my recent book; The Manic Personality and the Trump Presidency The Governance of Donald Trump His Followers: The Trumpets and the November Elections, I predicted Trump  would lose the election by a landslide not seen since Roosevelt defeated Hoover during the Depression.   I also warned about more bizarre actions by the President as he felt less attention/affection from those around him and his approval rating sank.

This was before his being infected with the Virus and taking shelter in Walter Reed Hospital.  The question is not how well he is being treated for the virus but if that is the disorder being treated.  My suspicion is he is being treated for his Manic behavior which is blooming into a Bipolar disorder.  His increasing demands for attention through what may be seen as bizarre behavior such as his SUV touts around the hospital and his increasing denial of any problems with his campaign are both signs of a more severe condition than the Manic Personality which is what I described in the book on the Manic Personality and the Trump Presidency.(And if he is being proscribed steroids to treat the coronavirus, they will only exacerbate his condition.)  Just as a wearing  a mask hides smiles and other signs of approval, the polls and media may be showing a negativity which he is not able to tolerate without acting in any way where is noticed and, to his mind, adored.  I do hope the adults in his situation will stand up.


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you all talking about Drunk Nancy Pelosi right, thrown out of the white-house three times for a Breathalyzer test of .25 %, or told old hag that thinks she is POTUS, either one, we have 1 POTUS voted on by the people of the the US that are legal voters. Now Drunk Nancy has had a fit since her fellow Druggy Hillary lost the 2016 election, and buy the way is POTUS Trump would be deemed by VP Pence to  be incapable, Sen Grasley and VP Pence would talk about transferring powers to VP Pence not Drunk Nancy so political theater again by a looser. MORE sour grapes from a looser

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