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lol ... its that time again! Someone needs their lies, exposed, after losing self-control in a debate: "You are a racist who hates White people.  Every topic of yours is about how Whites are racist against Blacks."

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Every one here knows that I love people like ... Donald Trump ... Mitch McConnell ... Kayleigh McEnamy ... Devin Nunes ... Jim Jordan ... Mike Pence ... Ivanka Trump ... Tucker Carlson ... Dana Perino ... South Dakota's Governor (yum yum!) ... Amy Coney-Barrett ... the list goes on and on, with White people who I make topics about because I love them and what they represent.  Which means, what?  That every topic I create cannot be about how racist White people are to negros ---if I am creating threads about White people who I love. lol


skinny: Someone owes me apology for telling lies on me

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oh yeah










here are a few topics I created, which have nothing to do with who White people hate ....

which mean, what?  You guessed it!---someone owes an apology for telling lies on me that every thread is about how White people are racist toward negros. I only need one, to prove that he lied on me:







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32 minutes ago, calguy said:

Damn. Some idiotic member tried to do what I foolishly tried, when pmurT embarrassed me, after I attempted to post falsehoods/lies about him or his anti-Racism scholarship



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