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What "AMERICA" needs to be Mindful Of

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China is about to sign a Half Trillion deal with the Mullahs of IRAN..


That means Chinese and Russian fleets docked at Bandar Abbas. 


While most of ya are "scratching" your head's. .


Syria "Putin" drew the "RED-LINE".  


Moscow is backing ASSAD no matter what....


On the Mediterranean they got a giant Navy base plus Airfields....


Now throw in TURKEY and The "Kurds"..


To Ankarra the "Kurds" are like N-Words here. .


Now Armenia and Azerbaijan..


Putin is backing ARMERNIA..


Erdogon the TURKS backing Azerbaijan..


Turkmen and the LIRA ain't the Military nor Currency to take On Russia and the USA "simultaneously"

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While we So Divided ...


China and Russia are picking up the "pieces" like SCAVANGERS bring places to their sphere of Influence..


Take Russia for example ..


Even after the Soviet Union they never truly "Dollarized". 


Produce much their own Domestically and "Resources" RICH


CHINA needs another Decade or Two of The DOLLAR before they can Truly get Self-sufficient beyond EXPORTS..


UNLIKE America..


Russia and China are signi Military amd Trade 'alliances



We can take one or BottH


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