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On 9/30/2020 at 1:13 PM, calguy said:



  Another situation where Chris Wallace made false accusations and then rudely cut Trump off in mid speech. democrats are currently building an anti-American army, the army burns, loots and murders, attack random individual citizens and groups of people at prayer meetings with no prosecution.




The  MSM and democrat politician are currently making false accusations about any group that peacefully walks down a street with a USA flag, an independent media person makes a report exposing the lies that is then banned by the establishment.


Covid, Climate, Chaos; , build army, repeat…Covid, Climate, Chaos, build army, repeat, Covid, Climate, Chaos, build army, repeat.



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12 minutes ago, Pastafarian said:

Not many niggas got representation. 

Congrats you found the one nigga.

Oh and OJ way back when. 

All they gotta do is pay for it. You think whites get free representation due to their skin color? 

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Trump: what do you want to call them? Chris Wallace and Joe Biden tag team: White supremacist, white proud boys.


Actual proud boy leader suffers nazi styled propaganda and censorship.



Chris Wallace: say it, say it,


Chongo: no, you shut your damned slop jaw the hell up soy boy.



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9 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

I think whites get a lot more benefit of the doubt, privileged son. 


I think it depends on your actual criminal background....Blacks are way more likely to have one. 

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1 minute ago, Pastafarian said:

I know it cuz it happens to tge black community quite often. 


How do you know they’re falsely accused? Show me the irrefutable evidence. 

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22 hours ago, Squatchman said:


No such thing.


Blacks have societal permission to pursue racial power.

But Whites......do not.     Isn't this a form of Affirmative Action?

To treat one tribe better, and more special, than the other tribe is to be prejudiced for one tribe and 

bigoted against the other tribe, is it not ?  Isn't replacing white racism with black racism just stirring

the pot of racism, without solving the problem ?


I have better idea.

The Starship Enterprise of the future.    All racism evaporates and it just doesn't matter what a

person looks like.   It is what you bring to the table that counts.

Shouldn't  we all gravitate to the position 'color-blind, non-racism' ?


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