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ABC new attempting to sway elections and instill fear to promote the covid-19 mith and fake crises.

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ABC news it's anti Trump staff, (ie Georgie Stephanopolis (sp.?) and the female co works show their extreme biases against Trump and pro crooked, incompetent socialist/communist Biden every time they appear on television.  George Stephenopoeis's interview of President Trump would have been something one would expected to see on the Iranian nightly news.

Miss Vega's usual anti Trump attitude shows.


What we learned about the socialist/communist democrat governors, ie, Cuomo of NY, Loser from Penn., California and other east/west coast career politician living on the public coffer/taxpayer all their lives, probably before they were born matter of fact like the Clintons, Pelosi etc. is that they do have the need to be dictators, tyrants and they get elected by creating give away programs for those who are just like them and refuse to work or make their own way and living.  The liberal news media is nothing but a puppet for the liberal left and socialist/communist democrat politicians and their goal is to destroy America and our constitution that stands in their way and what has made this country the greatest nation for over two hundred years that stood for freedom, independence, opportunity and greatness. Things liberals, democrats never understood or appreciate and never will.   Just like all past dictators, tyrants and socialist/communist.  The fake, coronafarce and the fear they try to instill in the public is just a means to the end, and that is destroy the country, control the people and abolish our constitutional freedoms and safeguards.  Anyone who doesn't see it by now is a lost cause and deserves to be put in a concentration camp they will eventually build.  We know the so called experts have lied to us, really are not any thing near an "expert" and all the demands that take our freedoms away, our right to choose our own lives direction are not concerns for us but their need to control and destroy.  Social distancing, and wearing a mask are just two examples.  Neither in reality do anything to control the virus or decrease ones risk, which is extremely small to begin with and it certainly, the virus, doesn't justify interfering with citizens lives or taking away their constitutional rights and safeguards.

Masks of the type they promote by their own admission do not prevent covid-19 from entering it or exiting it.  They don't even prevent vapor/water vapors doing that and a virus is much smaller and can linger in the air for hours and be transported long distances, consequently their so called scientific measures are worthless and does nothing to alter the course over the long term of the virus, so why destroy the economy?

The liberal news media and it's flunkies continue to lie to us, attempt to brain wash the public, keep putting out their phony polls about Trump vs Biden, the pandemic, Russian and foreign country interference in our elections, that mail in voting is not abused, etc., etc,. etc. The bottom line is if Socialist/communist Biden wins, we all lose and the country comes closer to serious internal turmoil.  When any democrat wins at any level we all lose, look at the condition of the democratic controlled states, cities etc., In ruin, conflict, riots, economy's destroyed.

Only a person filled with hate, basically someone with a death wish would vote for Biden or any other loser democrat.




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I like it when the kooks are scared. A lot less traffic on the road. Since they are so responsible with social distancing there should be a lot fewer kook babies being born, over and above the thousands that never make it out of the womb..... I am working on my positive attitude, I believe that to be a good start.  

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