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Just ANOTHER example of LYING & DISHONEST Media (TWITTER) getting away with a DOUBLE STANDARD... they can treat THEIR candidate one way, and a Republican Candidate another... THAT is not FAIR, and NOT RIGHT !! THEY should be PUNISHED SEVERELY !!

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Trump campaign asks Twitter to mark Biden coronavirus ad as manipulated media, but company refuses...  Meanwhile, Twitter labeled a parody video Trump shared of Biden as manipulated.


The Trump campaign on Tuesday asked Twitter to label a video posted by Joe Biden's campaign as manipulated media over a clip that they say takes President Trump's words out of context and has been repeatedly fact-checked as incorrect manipulation, but the company declined to do so, according to emails obtained by Fox News.

The video purports to contrast what Trump says in public versus in private on the coronavirus, accusing him of lying to the public. One of the examples of Trump's public comments in the video is from a Feb. 28 campaign rally at which Trump appears to be calling the coronavirus a hoax... "The coronavirus, and this is their new hoax," Trump is heard saying in the Biden video. 


The splicing is identical to how the Biden campaign cut a video of the Feb. 28 address in a March video that got four Pinnochios from the Washington Post, and was panned by several other fact-checkers.   The president did not say "this is their new hoax" immediately after he said "coronavirus" in his original comments, as the ad makes it appear. He made the hoax comment several sentences later.


THIS is how a PAID operative acts... and NOT an unbiased and IMPARTIAL media outlet... the Difference?    The Democrats are getting MILLIONS of $$$ of campaign aide that they are NOT paying for, and SHOULD be.... AND, Twitter is NOT acting as an IMPARTIAL news Agency, and so they SHOULD be TAXED and SADDLED with an ENTIRELY different set of RULES and RESTRICTIONS... which they currently are NOT complying with... bottom line.??... MILLIONS, maybe BILLIONS, in FEES and PENALTIES that they are currently IMMUNE from...





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