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Rush Limbaugh Swears That Joe Biden Will Not Show Up To The First Scheduled Debate.....

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I've said it before, Rush has more brain power in one of his turds than you do in your whole body.

I would skip the rally and actually hold the debate.  Have an empty chair ready with a life sized Biden Doll (with a mask) sitting in that chair and have someone from Fox or Breitbart ask real debate

LMAO.   The most vile and despicable member of the board questions someone else's character.   Laughable.

1 minute ago, AnotherJim said:

HONOLULU — In Hawaii, it pays not to work. A new report by Cato Institute, which examines the state-by-state value of welfare for a mother of two, said benefits in Hawaii average $49,175 — tops in the nation.

I wonder how that's working out for the little archipelago since tourism has dropped immensely. 

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1 hour ago, impartialobserver said:

If I am wrong then so be it and feel free to call me out. 

You generally do not make predictions outlandish enough for me to "call you out".  I save that for people who are over-the-top with their future-telling skills.

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