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4 hours ago, king of the county said:

Oh please be correct 


That  IS  correct !


Trump is going to win in a landslide !


And the Alzheimer guy will wither away into oblivion.


I a few months, by the mention of his name most folks will go like:  Biden WHO ?

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4 hours ago, king of the county said:

If he does may i give you a big ole kiss?


Nope !


Much less a big  HOLE  kiss !

She's that reserved for well-built, real men only !

(Like me!)


Iamgreatagain has already expressed her disdain for flaccid men with sagging tits like you !

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On 9/13/2020 at 11:29 PM, XavierOnassis said:

Why White women are turning away from Trump.


They're not, asswipe !

In fact they're jumping on the Trump train in droves !


Then again, what would an asswipe like you, who never got laid, know about women's  tastes ?


And don't come with some shit about you fucking ladies  .  .  .  your hand does not count as a lady, asswipe  .  .  .  unless you baptized it  "Lady"  the first time you jerked off into it !

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1 minute ago, lucifershammer said:

Keep me outta your fag fantasies  ya goat humping Peter puffing  queen.


I'm sorry !


I did not mean to hurt your lill delicate female nature!

I just assumed King of the County's  dick might help quench your thirst !


That's all !

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10 hours ago, gumbeauxman said:

I’m a lifelong Dem.  I don’t like the direction this party is headed. Too much hatred from Pelosi on down. If this keeps up, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump. 



How much worse does it have to get?


it is already  a  shitshow

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On 9/13/2020 at 5:29 PM, XavierOnassis said:


Stormy wanted Trumps dick in her so bad  that he had to pay her to keep quiet,Bill raped all his victums, woman hate Pervert bill.

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Trump has divided America, a liar and dreams he rules the world or would like to, what a dick. Used to be America United now America divided.

thank trump for that. He is hated throughout the world, if he gets in war will follow at sometime. 

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