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Biden BUSTED After Teleprompter Exposed in Reflection During TV Interview

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Biden BUSTED After Teleprompter Exposed in Reflection During TV Interview



by Sam Rostok

Joe Biden appeared to accidentally reveal a screen with teleprompter text in front of him during a television interview, a clip of which went viral Saturday.

The interview was on CBS’ Late Late Show with James Corden.

While Biden was holding up to the camera a large framed old photograph of himself with his two sons, a reflection of the monitor could be seen. In the upper left as seen in the reflection is the feed from Biden, lower right is Cordon, lower left is hard to see but the upper right shows type-written words in green and blue.
As the apparent text first appeared, the show quickly cut to a shot of host James Corden, then back to Biden holding up the photo.

A slowed-down snippet highlighting this moment racked up hundreds of thousands of views Friday night, quickly eclipsing the view count on the Late Late Show‘s official upload:



… snip …



Earlier this week, in a highly-charged appearance, Biden press secretary TJ Ducklo refused not answer one way or another whether Biden uses an aid to help him with answers during TV interviews, getting very testy with FoxNews’ Bret Baier:



In the first week of September, Biden sparked speculation about using a teleprompter during interviews by saying the words “topline message” while discussing the Trump administration’s Venezuela policy. Josh Holmes, former chief of staff to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), alleged Biden was “reading the header” aloud from a talking points memo.

The issue has come up as it appears to observers that Biden has been using a Teleprompter during remote interviews.



The Biden campaign has not answered a request for comment at the time of this writing.




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As long as the debates are live on stage, and there is no reason for them not to be, Biden will be destroyed.


Even if they were remote he would lose, because he cant read and process fast enough to keep up.


But they need to be live.


After the first one he will be so embarrassed he probably will make an excuse not to do anymore.


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