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Trump always claims he has done more for blacks than any President except Lincoln, perhaps. I want you to think of that as you hear during election results that 93% of blacks voted for Biden.

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2 minutes ago, Scout said:

SO...it sounds like we can all agree that Trump 

really hasn't done diddly-squat for black people

esp. in comparison to a REAL President - Obama.  

Ya...Under Trump - lowest black unemployment in history.


Under Obozo.....high black unemployment, and record setting wealth gap growth.


Are you truly this stupid? 

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Trump and Americans are stomping you Demons out, We are not worried at all.

Her "hero".....      

30 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:

Problem is, her dumbass is allowed to vote.


I’m to the point it seems only stakeholders, contributors, should be able to vote.


I agree.   We get through this and we'd better make some changes while we can.   And start recognizing that this has been a long term plan by Fabian Socialists for 100 years.   That's just as important to insuring it doesn't happen again.


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3 hours ago, DomJethro said:

I would love for someone to explain how any president has done anything for “blacks” 


Oh, that's easy...

















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On 9/9/2020 at 2:32 PM, BeAChooser said:

Now, now, Scout, you know that's a lie.  


Though you are very familiar with lying, 

you have no familiarity whatsoever with TRUTH and INTEGRITY.

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