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there is no national testing program

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48 minutes ago, slideman said:

Thank you Mr kushner

If we had "national" testing, guess who would coordinate and administer tests? 


State and local governments.....😆 God damn you are one stupid, uneducated motherfucker. 

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2 hours ago, slideman said:


57 minutes ago, RebelGator said:

You posting of anarchist, fag sites leaves me unswayed......play it for your boyfriend, freak.

The hilarious part is if Trump tried to do this???? The democrat governors would have sued him and taken it to the Supreme Court. 😆🤣 @slideman can't even deny it. Hell, Democrats are STILL fighting his travel bans!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 hours ago, slideman said:

Thank you Mr kushner



THAT is called FEDERALISM, where the STATES have the AUTHORITY under the 10th AMENDMENT!!!!

Thank you Mr. Madison!!

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4 hours ago, slideman said:

Thank you Mr kushner


Vitamin A, B, C,D zinc, oxygen, sunlight and eggs, don't get der ass starved into a poor nutrition economic lock down situation following the orders of  doctors that are charging 10 times the price of other areas in the world that have non dictatorial medical systems.


Live blood analysis (LBA), live cell analysis, Hemaview or nutritional blood analysis is the use of high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. Live blood analysis is promoted by some alternative medicine practitioners.


In January 2014 prominent live blood proponent and teacher Robert O. Young was arrested and charged for practicing medicine without a license,


First Live Blood Analysis (LBA) visit $149, True Health Canada.


In 1154 Henry II institutionalised Common Law, which has been the basis of the legal systems of England,
Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, plus many other countries around the world (USA), until the present time.
Common Law is based on the premise that everything is legal unless it is deemed

Herbal Medicine throughout history has always been protected under Common Law. However, in 1542 the
medical profession at that time wanted to prevent Herbalists from practising. Fortunately, Henry VIII, as an
avid user of herbs, came to the rescue and implemented "The Herbalist's Charter"


Thanks to the work of Fred Fletcher-Hyde and other herbalists, the 1968 Medicines Act allowed Herbalists to
continue to prescribe and prepare herbal medicines under Section 12 (1) and Section 12 (2) of this Act.

However, with our current relationship with the European Union, European Law is now having a profound
influence on our daily lives, including the jurisdiction of Herbal Medicine. European Law is founded on
Napoleonic Law, not Common Law.  (or socialist administrative authority civil code law)


>>>>>>>Napoleonic Law is based on the premise that
everything is illegal unless it is deemed legal (by der freaking dictator).<<<<<<<<<

Henry VIII Regis. Cap. VIII.
An Act That Persons, Being No Common Surgeons, May Administer Outward Medicines

Where in the Parliament holden at Westminster in the third Year of the King's most gracious reign, amongst other things, for the avoiding of Sorceries, Witchcrafts, and other inconveniences, it was enacted, that no Person within the City of London, nor within Seven Miles of the same, should take upon him to exercise and occupy as Physician or Surgeon, except he be first examined, approved, and admitted by the Bishop of London and other, under and upon certain Pains and Penalties in the same Act mentioned: Sithence the making of which said Act, the Company and Fellowship of Surgeons of London, minding only their own Lucres, and nothing the Profit or ease of the Diseased or Patient, have sued, troubled, and vexed divers honest Persons, as well Men as Women, whom God hath endued with the Knowledge of the Nature, Kind and Operation of certain Herbs, Roots, and Waters, and the using and ministring of them to such as been pained with customable Diseases, as Women's Breast's being sore, a Pin and the Web in the Eye, Uncomes of Hands, Burnings, Scaldings, Sore Mouths, the Stone, Strangury, Saucelim, and Morphew, and such other like Diseases; and yet the said Persons have not taken anything for their Pains or Cunning, but have ministered the same to poor People only for Neighborhood and God's sake, and of Pity and Charity: And it is now well known that the Surgeons admitted will do no Cure to any Person but where they shall be rewarded with a greater Sum or Reward that the Cure extendeth unto; for in case they would minister their Cunning unto sore People unrewarded, there should not so many rot and perish to death for Lack or Help of Surgery as daily do; but the greatest part of Surgeons admitted been much more to be blamed than those Persons that they troubled,


>>>>>for although the most Part of the Persons of the said Craft of Surgeons have small Cunning yet they will take great sums of Money, and do little<<<<<<<


therefore, and by Reason thereof they do >>>>>>oftentimes impair and hurt their Patients, rather than do them good<<<<<<<<<<<. In consideration whereof, and for the Ease, Comfort, Succour, Help, Relief, and Health of the King's poor Subjects, Inhabitants of this Realm, now pained or diseased: Be it ordained, established, and enacted by Authority of this present Parliament, That at all Time from henceforth it shall be lawful to every Person being the King's subject. having Knowledge and Experience of the Nature of Herbs, Roots, and Waters, or of the Operation of the same, by Speculation or Practice, within any part of the Realm of England, or within any other the King's Dominions, to practice, use, and minister in and to any outward Sore, Uncome Wound, Apostemations, outward Swelling or Disease, any Herb or Herbs, Ointments, Baths, Pultess, and Emplaisters, according to their Cunning, Experience, and Knowledge in any of the Diseases, Sores, and Maladies before said, and all other like to the same, or Drinks for the Stone, Strangury, or Agues, without suit, vexation, trouble, penalty, or loss of theirb goods; the foresaid Statute in the foresaid Third Year of the King's most gracious Reign, or any other Act, Ordinance, or Statutes to the contrary heretofore made in anywise, notwithstanding.


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Banned information


Wither you have a belief that you were created by god or you think that you have all power of creation to random generate from mud and become male and female with 0 assistance, The Human Immune System is having a 99.74% Success Rate Against the this particular virus.




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