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Is Webb Hubble Chelsea Clinton's real father

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Just so the younger folks know who we're talking about and the real story about Webb Hubbell ... 


He was appointed by Bill Clinton as Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court in 1984. When Clinton became President, Hubbell was appointed as Associate Attorney General.   All of Hillary’s associates in Whitewater … Web Hubbell, James and Susan Mcdougal, and Jim Guy Tucker pled guilty or were convicted of felonies. And that was with Independent Prosecutors (FIske and Starr) who were in the Clintons’ pockets.   Hubbell was convicted of fraud.   Except for James McDougal, none of the convicted people agreed to cooperate with the Whitewater investigators.  Web Hubbell fell on his sword. He was recorded in prison saying "I need to roll over one more time" and in his next court appearance, pled the 5th.  Hubbell was criticized by the OIC for his lack of cooperation with the probe, but later received several lucrative “jobs” from Clinton supporters for which he apparently did little or no work. Susan Mcdougal also went to jail … for contempt of court … for refusing to answer any questions related to Whitewater. Perhaps what happened to her husband, James, is the reason she did that. You see, James Mcdougall died in prison under quite suspicious circumstances. Perhaps he was a message to the others.


Years later,  Judicial Watch discovered 246 pages of previously undisclosed internal memos from Ken Starr's Office in 1998.  The memos showed prosecutors had evidence that not only was Hubbell guilty of additional crimes, Hillary Clinton, Hubbell's associate at the Rose Law Firm, was also guilty of criminal fraud.   The Obama administration continued to suppress at least 12 versions of a 451-page draft indictment that charged Hillary Clinton with criminal misconduct in the matter.   These materials prove that Hillary and Hubble engaged in a criminal cover-up that included destroying material documents and lying under oath to federal authorities ... all of it to prevent Whitewater from denying Bill Clinton the Presidency.   And this stuff never saw the light of day because Ken Starr was actually working for the Clintons.  


Hubbell was also involved with helping cover up what really happened in the Vince Foster death case.    Gail Kennedy remembered a conversation at the Foster Home the night he died between her husband, William E Kennedy (now a "Kennedy") and Webb Hubble, and perhaps David Watkins and Marsha Scott, that “there was some concern of what was in Vince’s office.”   The Whitewater Committee's investigation of his death concluded that Susan Thomases (another close friend of Hillary's), along with Maggie Williams (Hillary's Chief Of Staff who removed documents from Foster's Office the night he died at Hillary's behest and then lied about it), Nussbaum and Hubbell, were “not candid” and that they’d “provided inaccurate and incomplete testimony to the committee in order to conceal Mrs. Clinton’s pivotal role in the decisions surrounding the handling of Mr Foster’s documents following his death.”  In fact, one April 20th 1998 memo by the “HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) Team” addressed to “All OIC Attorneys” outlined the conclusions reached by the federal prosecutors, namely "The criminal cover-up perpetrated by Clinton and Hubbell was accomplished by the following acts: (1) destroying legal files regarding the fraudulent transaction; (2) lying under oath to federal investigators, including the FDIC and Congress; (3) removing incriminating records from Vince Foster’s office after his death; and (4) destroying other records, including Rose Law Firm records that would provide incriminating evidence against Clinton and Hubbell in the Whitewater scandal."   Another memo from the Office of the Independent Counsel, dated April 10, 1998, further documented the illegal actions, including this: "Buying the silence of a co-conspirator?  Hubbell, criticized by the OIC for his lack of cooperation with the probe, received several “jobs” from Clinton supporters for which he apparently did little or no work. During a taped conversation in prison, Hubbell appears to acknowledge that he withheld information from the OIC. Several of Hubbell’s job-providers fell most strongly within the hush money allegation."   Hillary answered “I don’t recall” 184 times during those hearings. Yet Starr rejected the committee’s criminal referral against her for perjury, because, as I said, the fix was in and he was part of it.   Damn Starr forever to hell.


There were other strange things about Hubble's involvement in the Foster case.   Hubbell stopped by Foster’s office the day before his death to ask how his weekend went.   According to Page 24 of the Fiske Report, Foster told Hubbell “the weekend had been good for him.”   It is curious that Hubbell wanted to know about the weekend because Hubbell had been with Foster for the weekend at the Maryland Eastern Shore estate of Nathan Landow, a real-estate developer and major Democratic fundraiser for the Clintons and Al Gore. According to a 1978 Washington Post story, Landow also had alleged ties to organized crime families and casino gambling.“  What was Foster doing with him? What was Hubbell doing with him.    That’s a fair question,” says Hugh Turley, co-author of “Failure of the Public Trust” with Patrick Knowlton and John Clarke.   “The weekend is something that’s been sort of ignored by everybody, but that was, I think, maybe Foster’s exit interview,” says Turley.   “In our book, you can read about Nathan Landow’s connection to organized crime. There was an expose on him in the Washington Post about his connections to the Gambino family and others. So Foster spent his last weekend at the Tidewater Inn and the Landow estate.”   Turley said he visited the Tidewater Inn. The manager confirmed Foster did stay there, but the FBI came out and seized all the records.  “I found the receipts at the Archives actually, the phone records and everything. But that weekend was mysterious,” Turley said. “Nobody knows what they talked about out there.”  And Hubbell certainly hasn't come forward to say.


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