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A Good Night Sleep - Starts in the Morning.

Blue Devil

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This is for an 18-hr. waking day.


Get up at 4AM. (Yes, ...and, yes. Yes, that, too.)

Start your day.

- Drink a pint of water.



- 1.0 hr of high rep Exercise.



- Coffee (black) or tea.

- 2.5 mi. run

- 0.5 hr of high rep Exercise.

- 0.5 mi. run (for time)

- Drink a pint of water.



Start your life.


Two meals: (no starch and no refined sugar)

Breakfast: 9:00AM
2-3 Bananas
6 oz Mozzarella Cheese (6 sticks or a 5th of a 2# block) or 5 oz of Swiss (a 6th of a 2# block)
(or raw tree nuts)
4-6 Apples or similar fruit

Dinner: 2:00PM
Half a Chicken or 1.5# of steak, game, or fish
1 large onion
1 head broccoli or 1/2 cabbage
1-2 large zucchini
1 tbsp garlic
1 tbsp crumbled bacon
1 tbsp olive oil

Dessert - Oranges/pears or similar fruit.

(or as an evening snack if desired)

Lots of water and coffee(or tea) throughout the day. (watch the caffeine if it bothers you.)


Fast 18 hrs. (3PM-9AM)



Enjoy your life.


Afternoon chores and recreation:


Decompression 8:00PM
Bed 9:00PM (no electronics)

Read 'till 10:00PM

Sleep like a Baby




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Cut the fruit down to just a banana for breakfast.


Sugar went from ~ 115 gr. to 30 gr..


The deficit 85 gr. of sugar is 340 cal., or 1.4 oz. of fat.


85 gr. is also ~ my daily protein requirement. (0.5 gr./ lb. LBM)


Cutting the Sugar got rid of the occasional afternoon drops, and mood is a better even keel through the day.

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