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Why is it that only BLM?

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When one is uneducated, and a Racist, Nazi one embraces a failed and stupid Fake President like the anal retentive3 unconscious trump (spits 3x), funny how white trash America loves a FAILURE, I will ask this question one more time from the so called mentally challenged clowns that are devoted to the Hate monger in Chief.

All of you complain about BLM, yet not one of you can validate in a clear argument to justify your Ignorance here is the challenge once again:


1968 Mexico Olympics Tommie Smith, and John Carlos raised their hands above their heads in protest to the way Black Americans and Minorities were treated, fact this was a last minute decision NOT PLANNED, John Carlos had to beg Tommie Smith for a glove, Mr. Smith gave him his left hand glove. Now the question  is the White Trash of America were highly annoyed that a Black Man would air Americas laundry on a International stage: Here is the question from that DATE to present how many BLACK MEN and WOMEN have been Murdered and Mistreated, what I find curious the moderator will scrub this as he does not want to offend his like minded Racist readers.


Missouri man shot in the back, Cleveland Ohio a Child shot dead by a cop.NY an man chocked to death on the streets by the police, March this year a woman MURDERED in her home at 3 o'clock in the morning by the police with a NO KNOCK warrant at the WRONG address and FAILED to render first aid so the WOMAN DIED. however the police did try to charge the man with firing at the police while DEFENDING his Family, and Property and NO, no murderers on the Police force have been charged.


So when you are asking what BLM is doing think a Black man can not walk out of his  OWN home with out the Police murdering them, sleep in their OWN home with out the POLICE murdering them play in a PARK as a CHILD with out the POLICE MURDERING them, is your whiteness so entrenched that you can just dismiss this as oh so! you see no Injustice to the people who are violated? Families RUINED, I guess that it is OKAY because it is NOT a WHITE person.


Now show me what has changed and tell me how many Black and Minority Lives have been MURDERED in the name of Americas WHITENESS


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