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36 minutes ago, SixShooter said:


Whoops, you just lost the attention and support of every liberal on the planet.

My bad

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13 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

I won't boycott fast food restaurant. Not unless there is some workable plan to form unions.

So, you're a blowhard who talks big, but when it gets down to the real nitty gritty, what you said was just the result of being a blowhard.  It's called "virtue signalling."


In other words, you're a typical liberal bitch.


No surprise here, of course.


Your posts are indicative of a semi-literate hag, which begs the question:  Are you so old that you come from a time when women were not allowed to attend schools?

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5 hours ago, RelictLeperedFrog said:


She'll?  XO feel free to chime in here because you didn't object to that.  XO's profile says "male" but seems female to me sometimes.


She's an old hag, posing as a male.


Probably a lesbian.

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1 minute ago, Mirabeau said:


She's an old hag, posing as a male.


Probably a lesbian.

A Karen 

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3 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

We have laws about unions that are far punier than the laws in Sweden and Denmark.

The Danes are frequently recognized as the "happiest people on Earth".

Danes for not pay for education, healthcare, or huge auto insurance premiums, because all auto injuries are covered by healthcare.  Danes get 4 to 5 weeks paid vacation every year, buy law. If a Dane is unemployed, the government pays him enough to pay his bills...unlike here in Florida.


WHO the FUCK are YOU to tell me what I should "force through government control"?  You are just an obsessed Cold War asshole.

Some Fabian needs to spring out of the bushes and smack you upside the head with a five kilo mackerel!

Why don't you get your sorry, worthless ass to Sweden and Denmark, then?


(Answer:  Sweden and Denmark are not recruiting 88-year-old hags for citizenship.)

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2 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

Denmark is more urban than the US.

No Dane pays for healthcare or education.

For many Americans, paying for healthcare insurance the largest expense per month.

For others, it's paying off student loans.

Denmark has a LOT of public housing with low rents.

Many Danes live in public housing with low rents.



Public housing.


What a benefit.



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16 hours ago, Old Mack said:


Whopper cost (according to the WWW):


United States = $4.19


Demark = $ 7.35


The average annual income in Denmark is about 39,000 euros (nearly $43,000) and as such, the average Dane pays a total amount of 45 percent in income taxes.


The average single American contributed 29.6% of his earnings to three taxes in 2018—income taxes, Medicare, and Social Security. 


You're a hack and you should go to Denmark...the next time you want a Whopper.


I saw one reference to $11 for a whopper full meal deal in Denmark. Plus they even charge per catsup pack. Thus the very people they cater to in the U.S. would never be able to afford to eat there, so the business would collapse and thus there would be no wages or benefits being paid to workers, and thus no tax revenues collected by the state or Feds from the store owners or employees.

If someone doesn't want an entry level job at BK, then let them go find what they believe will be a more suitable and better paying job, elsewhere.

The only "solidarity" would be with unemployment, desperation and misery - the very things the democrats love to help them sell their false promises of "help" every couple of years.

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4 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

The Danes are frequently recognized as the "happiest people on Earth".


But what's the real reason for that, XO?   


Maybe it's because Denmark is in many ways more capitalistic than the US?     Unlike the countries you want to turn us into, Denmark has relatively few rules on business.   Danes embrace free trade, competition and there is little government ownership or involvement in business. That's just the opposite of what you American socialists/communists are pushing for in the US.  In fact, if we could learn one lesson from Denmark,  it would be "leave the economy alone".   The REAL lesson of Denmark is that if you socialists/communists want Danish style social spending, then you need a relatively unfettered capitalist economy ... not the sort of highly regulated, socialist one that you, Obama, Hillary, Sanders, Perez, AOC, Biden and most modern day DemocRATS seem to want to force down the throats of all Americans.


According to the OECD, Denmark has the least amount of government red tape and the shortest start-up time for new businesses in the EU.  As I pointed out already, there is no minimum wage.  Danes don't even have have our Social Security (SS) nightmare to deal with because they contribute to individual accounts that move with them from job to job.   Accounts that they OWN.  That's something that the socialists in the US voted against doing when Bush tried to allow Social Security contributors to divert just 4% of SS receipts to individual accounts that they would own.  Were you one of those who argued against Bush's plan, XO?   Maybe Danes are happy because their not saddled with the crap system you democRATS set up in this country?      


Or maybe Danes are happier because they don't have to deal with all the ethnic problems we do? Maybe it's because Denmark has some of the strictest immigration policies in Europe (which as a rule are almost draconian compared to ours).  Just 0.5% of it's population in 2009 was foreign born, including legal immigrants.  In comparison over 3-6% of our population (probably closer to 6% now) is now deemed illegal, much less foreign born. In fact, a top Mexican government official stated years ago there were 30 million illegal hispanics in the US and you'd think he might know. That would be almost 10% of our population.   Think how much happier we'd all be if we didn't have the overcrowding that all those illegals have brought us?    All the crime they've brought us.   All the poverty they've brought us.   Think how much happier we'd be if they weren't such a drain on our resources.  Think how much happier we'd be if they weren't Balkanizing our culture and society? Yet, it is you UNIPARTY DemocRATS and RINOS who insist of flooding our country with even more illegals.    Maybe Danes are happier because they aren't saddled with millions of modern day democRATS like you?


Maybe the source of Denmark's happiness is that they have a common language? Almost all Danes speak that common language. They also share a common heritage and culture, and have basically one religion. Maybe that's why they are happier ... more successful? Almost 91% of Denmark's populace is native born (compared to our much smaller percentage) ... and they don't hand out Danish citizenship to the babies of illegals born in their country. Maybe we'd be happier if we didn't? Whereas Danes are working hard to maintain their culture, religion, and language ... and are proud of their country ... whereas were depressed from seeing the Democrats/socialists/communists in the US (people like you) seem intent on destroying whatever common cultural roots, bonds and language we still share.  Maybe the lesson we should really take from the Danes is to stop catering to people who refuse to learn English and share OUR values. Who bash America constantly. Who destroy our monuments.   Maybe we should all stop listening to Democrats and socialists like you. Then we'd be happier.


Maybe Danes are happier because they rarely hear the word "racist". It's not a matter of luck. It's because there essentially are no other races in Denmark. Because the racial mix has remained constant for decades, they aren't worried about an ethnic group with completely different values taking over or changing their society. They wouldn't allow it if they tried. Go look at how they are dealing with the muslim influx. Whereas here in the US we have leftists (like you), crying racism at the drop of the hat.    That's bound to lower happiness.

Maybe Denmark's happiness is because far fewer Danes go to college (about half as many, per capita) as Americans. Colleges in the US are major bastions of liberal power and group think ... so avoiding them is likely to make people happier, because polls show that conservatives are happier in general. Colleges help maintain liberal power by inculcating the next generation in leftist ideas ... by making them unhappy and unsatisfied.  Did you get that?  Colleges in the US actually strive hard to make students UNHAPPY and UNSATISFIED with America ... to think of America as unsuccessful no matter what the condition of the country.  To make them hope for change (ala Obama, AOC, BLM and Antifa). Maybe that's the Dane's secret? They haven't let socialist/communist progressives like you take over their society in this way. They've remained pragmatists and aren't handing out degrees in ethnic studies, community organizing, communications, or political science ... occupations that disrupt society and make people unhappy. That make people view their country as unsuccessful.

Or maybe Danes are happier because more people go into trades than here. They don't import their labor (i.e., use illegals). Now if we were honest with ourselves, perhaps a lot of Americans would be happier and more productive after learning a trade than being a community organizer, or a lawyer, an ethnic studies major, working in the media ... or being a paid DemocRAT activist. But I honestly don't think you Democrats and leftists would stand for government forcing individuals into certain occupations rather than others. Would you? Especially occupations that have traditionally been seen as "redneck".   It goes against everything you liberals claim to represent. That would make you even more unhappier. And you'd view the country as being even more unsuccessful than you already do.  But maybe that's one of the things we have to do to eventually achieve Denmark's level of happiness.

Or maybe Danes are happier because they have one-fourth the number of lawyers in their society as ours. They aren't anywhere near as litigious as we are ... especially Democrats who seem to sue someone at the drop of a hat and for the slightest slight.  Yes, lawyers primarily support the Democratic Party in this country. Do you know that?  Maybe that's the lesson we should take from "successful" Denmark.  Kill the lawyers.  Because their job is to make someone unhappy. Their being DemocRATS would just be a twofer.

Or look at Denmark's welfare system. Yes, it's pretty generous, but it's time limited. A Dane can exhaust his lifetime allowance in less than four years so they are strongly motivated to find a job and work. Psychologists say that people need purpose ... that work makes people happy. That's a far cry from what you Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists/communists want to create here in the United States ... a nanny state that makes people life long dependents of the government ... and therefore lifelong socialists/communists. Maybe that's why Denmark is happier ... because they have forced their populace to work to survive, rather than live on the dole forever like Democrats appear to want for the United States.


I love watching you beclown yourself, XO.

4 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

Danes for not pay for education, healthcare, or huge auto insurance premiums


Of course they pay for them, MORON.  TANSTAAFL.   According to http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/can-u-s-learn-denmark/ , "Denmark's taxes came to 48.6 percent of the country's economic output in 2013, nearly double the United States' 25.4 percent that year and highest in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) group of wealthy countries.  This article ( http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26327114 ) from 2014 said Denmark taxes workers at 60% on earnings over $60,000 (in comparison to 25% in the US at the time). You ready to give another 35% of your income over $60000 to the government, just to provide those who don't work (and many who won't work) all that "free" stuff that you leftist think is a right?   I seriously doubt that, COMMIE.    JUST SAYING ... 



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