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FBI Finds Evidence Of Klan In Bubba's Garage.

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4 minutes ago, AnotherJim said:





He may never be able to race and lose again.


Poor... Thing.

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1 minute ago, AnotherJim said:

Native Americans up in arms over "red" Polka dots.


Polish Liberals up in arms over "polka"

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Bubba needs to go full on tranny if he wants people to hate him.  He should put a dildo on his car like idiocracy.  get the car sponsored by popeyes chicken.  every stereotype in the book.  dress, wig, makeup, fishnet stockings.  really doll himself up like a good tranny whore.

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8 hours ago, AnotherJim said:

image FBI Director says, we don't take this lightly; authorizes two Lear Jets to handle latest task force.

The funny thing is he turned around and attacks the FBI.....


Tying a knot in a rope to give you a loop to grab onto to shut a garage door is not against the law. 

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