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I did not fully grasp what this Liberal Council thing meant


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I have always wanted to participate in a forum where people could deliberate actual policies and how they effect peoples everyday life. People say, wow, this Corona Virus pandemic has really illustrated a lot of the problems we have in the US and the world at large. I think I'm a liberal mostly because I give a damn about people and try my best to understand the problems and exactly what is so wrong with our world. Not that all things are bad, a lot of things are good, there are a lot of American people who are just like me who will go out of their way to help a stranger, or try to teach their children how to treat others. Why, there are literally millions of incredibly smart people who work hard and try to focus on making this a better world. Of course I know this not just because I myself have been fortunate, but because I have witnessed folks of every color, every ethnic background and every major religion stand up against racism and inequality. Yes, there are rich and poor people in this country who do this in some way every single day. 


There are a litany of major problems facing our world that require major focus from all of us. Obviously, Black Lives Matter, is an important movement, and a chief priority that has been overlooked most incredibly for far far too long. Don't people care about this, is not a question I would ever ask because I know that they do. I know that any major injustice that affects any minority affects each and every one of us. It would be absurd to believe otherwise. 


Are we supposed to be leaders or what, in what vein are we supposed to acknowledge all the injustices in this country, or in this world? Maynard Keynes figured out almost ninety years ago that the truth is that this world has the resources to support all people, to deliver the required needs of all people, and that it was clearly possible to create a world where all people could be essential stewards in the making of a better world, if only, if only, given the chance.


Keynes by the way was misinterpreted over the years. Some say he was a pure capitalist, and others suggest he had some socialist bent. I say, that is an oblique way to understand his work. People are creative and by nature they wish to be active. The hint is that we have an overtly horrible economic system of subsidizing intellectual property rights, along with major issues regarding lack of Anti-Trust laws, systemic racism that started 400 years ago that was never addressed nor corrected in any meaningful way, along with a largess of leadership that has privatized and failed at any policy measures that could unduly thought to be anything clearly democratic, and instead only incendiary,  that can be considered to be due only to power and greed, and an incredible lack of representation.


When we let neighborhoods fail, we lose potential.

When we divide, we fail to progress.

To be driven by hate and fear is indeed a sign of disease.






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