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Damn I'm looking forward to the debates.

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17 minutes ago, Scout said:

Cocky is a very bad attribute to be feeling when watching debates.

:D  Good one.....though I have to agree with Impartial.

I used to work on the Hill and became an expert on the recognition of 'double speak' - one style of spewing verbage

where no one says anything.  There is an incredible amount of it in debates.  Do not confuse gobble-de-gook with double speak.  

Gobble-de-gook is like Sarah Palin --- she speaks forever and never says anything that makes sense. 

Double speak is frequently what a candidate does when he doesn't want to commit to anything.  


Yes mam, I reckon I wouldn't want to get my gobbly gooks and my double speak all crossed up, or I might end up with a double brain aneurysm that makes me do both at the same time! 

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