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    PMT Vision includes computer controlled travel in small 6 (eventually 1-24) - passenger vehicles suspended below a fixed maglev monorail with nonstop, origin to destination service.  Short, branching tracks will allow passengers to board and exit at their individual destinations, by-passing any intermediate stops (unlike mass-transit systems). 

   Also incorporated into this system will be once developed GM plans for trans-pallets/[capsules] allowing travelers to drive their cars into a magnetically levitated capsule, carrying them across country through HyperTubes for use at their destination.

   PMT can begin as basic connecting lines between downtown stations, major shopping and entertainment centers, office cities, industrial centers, trade schools, universities, airports, beaches, parks and existing mass transit stations.

   As a component and modularly constructed system, PMT can expand (as moneys become available) to neighborhoods, suburbs, and in the distant future to individual home and apartment parking spaces, and even through fast food drive-thru's.

    Eventually, even multi-modal vehicles equipped to exit and travel by their own means can (and should) be built.  GM, Ford, Chrysler, American Motors, Boeing, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, etc. can all participate.

    These multi-modal vehicles can even be autonomously driven off-grid by artificial intelligence software now being developed by Google:  http://www.myconnectedcar.com/telematics/google-prius-autonomous-driving/

PMTworld:  Even large off-track vehicles (CarbonFiberConstructionPlugInHybridFlexFuel preferred) may travel in PMT capsules cross-country through HyperTubes.

 And, eventually, there will even be AmphibiousMultiModal PMT vehicles.

Perhaps some day our grandchildren may take boat rides in amphibious ski boats with "T"-roofs; then drive into a PMT entry station and travel suspended from a maglev monorail to their homes, their vehicles eventually docking into the side of their homes.

     In addition, safety and true relief from transportation related global warming effects are the overwhelmingly desirable elements inherent in a PMT system.


 PersonalMagTransit --- The Internet of Transportation


Now is the time to update our Post Roads for this new millennium.

System Examples

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    Hey kfools.. does this help? 

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    I know this one, this new chat thing. I've seen it called the "shoutbox" among other things in my past. Very hard to hide from the chat box. The question is asked, there's no time to go search what other folks think, this is real time. Only seconds should be between chat box replies. This one is made for me. In the chat box one has to be quick on their feet with stuff at the ready. This chat box is the worst nightmare of anyone trying to deal with ol' teach. 

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    hey @teacher that sounds like too much work for me LOL I need that useless thing called *time* in order to authenticate facts and truths which get posted by deceitful Dems

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    Hey kfools, did you lose your securtiy cert? On my browser it is saying your site is not secure?

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