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The Executive Commander in Chief - any President

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Well there are 15 important cabinet posts any US President must choose and be fully responsible for. 

Well, many US Presidents have gotten a whole host of things wrong, and the truth is, once they leave they

leave their post, most of them have deep regrets to be sure. Except for,  well of course this one we have now.

The Cabinet:






Health and Human Services

The Newly created Homeland Security - created by GWB / and the US Congress

Housing and Urban Development  - Ben Carson's beat

Department of the Interior






Veteran's affairs

And this is important - they get to nominate someone to the Supreme Court.

And they have the bully pulpit, to sow the Narrative


That's a big daunting job. You would think that anyone who takes the helm would reach out to the best

most dedicated people. Especially if they really truly wished to change things for the better in this world.

Are we the best, is the US the best, what the heck is that supposed to mean especially with all the serious problems

that this world faces today?


Are those other countries, are they stealing intellectual property - and if they are, from who, or from whom?


We have big Con-Agra, but somethings really wrong.

Commerce - they gave up on Anti-trust back in the 1980's, as long as it's good for the consumer its okay to become super powerful.

Defense - we can be there, but it seems we can't change much at the end of the day with military power alone...

Education: I don't care what they say, they got better schools in rich white neighborhoods - because they pay more for what they get, and then pass it down - so much for meritocracy.

Energy - that's a problem, a big big big one. We need a new energy, and a grid - it probably should not be centralized. More local

Health and Human Services - Universal healthcare saves money, come on man... 60 percent of the healthcare dime now is already paid by the tax payers. The rest is a rip off from the private healthcare insurers. And yet still, we have too many citizens that have none.

Housing and Urban Development - I cannot believe that's an actual part of the cabinet - it has been completely neglected - does it actually exist?

Department of the Interior - responsible for all Federal Lands - and all the resources that they contain/ or might be decimated by greed

Justice - William Barr these days - I wondered how bad could it get, and now I know.

Labor - good to know whomever leads this post is behind all the people who work several jobs just to get by - they work you know, at Walmart, and maybe on the side in the warehouse at Amazon.

The State Department - learned folks who speak several languages and go to foreign nations to try to understand the people there and hopefully make a difference and then hopefully illustrate this

to the chief executive at the State Department who hopefully is not a brainwashed dickhead.

Transportation - People in Detroit don't have buses, they don't have any easy way to travel and they cannot afford a car. People in LA are stuck in polluted highways each day, the rich ones take helicopters.

Treasury - the whole enchilada

Veteran's affairs - from every war - if you served, youngest to oldest/ black or white or native American - never to be forgotten / or so surely they jest 



So it's a big thing every four years when we elect a president. When every four years, more people go out to vote. But who really considers all the things about how to run a federal government, 

or even a state government, or for that matter a single city?


So the other day while working from home I heard David Frum speak on the radio. For those or you who don't know who he is, he was with the American Enterprise Institute, which is a conservative think-tank, he is Canadian born and he also writes a lot these days in the Atlantic.


He said, why shouldn't the Democrats win come this November. Why shouldn't they win big time in many of the state houses. And if they did secure the states and the Senate, along with the White house, they could then change things big time. 


They could outline the congressional districts in each of their states. And if they were really serious, they could mark them as being biased towards their own party. And then they could show their 

cards to the Republicans and say - we can do this because we have the power - or, we can mark the districts fairly - but if we do you will have to do the same in your states.


Frum said, the obvious problem in the Senate is that there are all of these teeny tiny populated states that still have two Senators. How is that fair? His quick advise  - Make Washington D.C. a state, which would then be afforded two Senators. 

After all he stated,

Statehood for the District, which is also known as District of Columbia, might be achieved by an act of Congress, under the power granted to Congress by the United States Constitution to admit new states to the Union (Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1). However, there is some debate as to whether simple legislation would be sufficient to grant statehood to District of Columbia, which is the seat of the United States federal government.


So what is the point of this whole post? 


I believe in Democracy, yes, grass roots is democracy, but we need it to heed some progress. We need to fully understand how important the U.S. Presidency is, and at the same time fully understand

the major importance of the Congress and all the people who work in the bureaucracy. 

It can make you sick to vote somebody out and then find many of the same people in the next administration. Likewise, with Trump, it does absolutely no good to put morons in all the cabinet post and fire decades worth of expertise.







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