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Resolved: Looting and Rioting Deeply Tarnish The Image of Black People For All Americans

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In Support of:  Rioting and Looting, which is presently being done almost exclusively by Negros, is deeply damaging the status of Blacks in American Society.  It creates more mistrust of blacks by a multitude of races, including Whites and Asians.  Non-blacks will be less inclined to live in neighborhoods with blacks.  They will be less inclined to hire blacks, who will ultimately accuse them of discrimination in some capacity.  Nor will whites even want to socialize with Blacks. 


Blacks claim that whites and other races are not hearing their message and therefore must step up their social disruption.  But, most people listen with their eyes, not ears, and will long remember the burning, looting, beating, vandalism, and rioting lead by blacks.  The fallout from this will be long term decimation of businesses owned by black entrepreneurs, black entertainment and black-centric music. 

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