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Police Chief: Arrested Looters in NYC Are Immediately Released Because of Bail-Reform Law

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Police Chief: Arrested Looters in NYC Are Immediately Released Because of Bail-Reform Law

by Zachary Evans

Most of the looters and rioters arrested by the NYPD over the past several days are immediately released as a direct result of New York’s new bail-reform law, New York City police chief Terrence Monahan told the New York Post on Tuesday.

While the city police made over 650 arrests on Monday night alone, Monahan said that “just about all of them” will be released without bail.

“We had some arrests in Brooklyn where they had guns, [and] hopefully [Brooklyn district attorney] Eric Gonzalez will keep them in, [but] I can’t guarantee that’ll happen,” Monahan said. But when it comes to a burglary [at] a commercial store, which is looting, they’re back out. . . . Because of bail reform, you’re back out on the street the next day. You cannot be held on any sort of bail. I spoke to [Manhattan district attorney] Cy Vance about that, he told me there’s nothing he can do.”

New York’s bail-reform law, which went into effect earlier this year, eliminates the bail requirement for suspects accused of most misdemeanors, including burglary and stalking. Suspects in violent felonies are still required to post bail. Even before the law was adopted, New York law forbade judges from considering many suspects’ potential danger to the community before setting bail.



If this doesn’t teach you to use your 2nd Amendment right to arm yourselves while you still can, folks, nothing will.  


The cops are not going to stop this.  


They're not going to protect you because the Communists running these democRAT controlled cities are not going to let them.


You will eventually have to stop this yourself ... when the looters decided to visit your house or your business or confront you in your car.


And by the way, this is the same thing that happening in San Francisco.   SF’s new DA, Chesa Boudin, who is the son of two Weatherman terrorists, gets to decide whether arrested protestors and rioters are detained and even charged.   Bet he decides to not, using the same excuse as NYC ...


... just instituted bail reform ( https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2020/01/23/San-Francisco-eliminates-money-bail-for-low-risk-offenders/4981579798455/ ).   


This is what these socialists/communists have planned for the whole country if they defeat Trump, folks.  


Just saying ... you’ve been warned.

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Catch and Release.


It works so well for Trout and Sport fishing.

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26 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:

Police Chief: Arrested Looters in NYC Are Immediately Released Because of Bail-Reform Law

That's just peachy.


Welcome to Utopia.

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Arsonists who set fires in New York City, New York, during multiple nights of riots will be instantly freed from jail if ever arrested thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) bail reform law.

For many nights now, arsonists have set ablaze New York City Police Department (NYPD) vehicles, city dumpsters, and rubble on the streets of New York City. Those arrested for arson, if arrests are made, will spend less than 24 hours in jail.






Nearly all rioters have been freed from jail in Washington, D.C. and most have had felony riot charges dropped against them, and now they are only facing burglary, destruction of property, and curfew violation charges.

Arrest records obtained by WUSA 9 reveal that hundreds of rioters have been arrested over the last week in riots and looting sprees across the nation’s capital:




According to the records, 50% of 104 protest-related arrests identified by WUSA9 were charged with felony rioting, 33% percent were charged with burglary and about 27% percent with curfew violation. [Emphasis added]

On Wednesday, MPD Chief Peter Newsham released more detailed arrest numbers. He said on Monday there were an additional 288 arrests, and on Tuesday, just 19. [Emphasis added]


The Washington Post, though, notes that nearly all those arrested in the riots have been freed from jail pending additional court hearings. Likewise, most of those arrested and charged with felony riot have had the charge dropped and reduced to lower-level crimes like curfew violation.

“Although many of those arrested were charged by police with felony rioting, that charge was dropped by prosecutors in most cases,” the Post reported:




After making their initial appearances in D.C. Superior Court, nearly all defendants were apparently freed pending future court appearances. Renata Cooper, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in the District, declined to comment on the cases. [Emphasis added]

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said Monday that 88 arrests were made, 44 involving charges of felony rioting. But when the arrestees appeared in Superior Court on Monday, the U.S. attorney’s office dismissed rioting charges against most of the defendants. A handful still face that count. [Emphasis added]


Similar jailbreak policies are being enforced in New York amid multiple nights of rioting and looting. For example, more than 400 rioters arrested in recent days are set to be freed from jail without ever having to pay bail thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) bail reform law that eliminated bail for most nonviolent crimes and many violent crimes.



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Notice the {Crickets} on this thread, folks?


So I'll add this next example of how defective the NYC judicial system has become ...





Manhattan judge frees alleged looter busted in bloody attack on NYPD cop



Judge Laurie Peterson

A Manhattan judge set free an alleged looter charged with bashing a cop’s head open with a glass bong swiped amid violent protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, The Post has learned.

The move marked at least the second time that Judge Laurie Peterson has overruled prosecutors and released a defendant without bail — which in the earlier case allegedly led to a pair of unprovoked slashings by the psycho who got sprung.

“What could she possibly be thinking? Is she living under a rock? Did she see the looting going on in the city?” said a cop who worked in Manhattan every night of the recent riots.

“I guess they really want to do away with cops and let the criminals run wild.”

Kevin Bullock, 22, was allegedly among the thieves who cops saw ransacking a smoke shop at the corner of Walker and Baxter streets shortly after 2 a.m. June 1, law enforcement sources said.

When a cop grabbed one of the crooks, Bullock — who has a rap sheet listing 23 prior arrests — hit the officer in the back of the head with a bong stolen from the store, sources said.

He then shoved the cop and ran away, leaving the cop with a bloody gash and a concussion, sources said.

The unidentified officer spent several days recovering from the injury is now on limited duty, sources said.

Detectives used surveillance video to identify Bullock, and members of the NYPD’s Warrant Section tracked him down Wednesday at his apartment in Brooklyn, sources said.

He was nabbed despite trying to avoid arrest by crawling out a window and jumping from a fire escape, sources said.

Bullock was charged with four counts, including assault on a police officer, attempted assault with a weapon and burglary, court records show.

“This is a strong case, with clear video evidence, and he faces state prison time if convicted of these violent felonies,” a law enforcement source said.

“Bail is the least restrictive means to ensure his return to court.”

During Bullock’s arraignment Thursday, Manhattan prosecutor Caitlin Naun detailed the evidence against him and sought to have bail set at $25,000 cash or $75,000 bond, sources said.

Peterson instead released Bullock without bail pending another court appearance on Sept. 11, records show.

In 2016, Peterson sparked outrage when a defendant she released without bail in an unprovoked assault on a woman in Greenwich Village went on to allegedly slash the faces of two other women, including one the very next day after he was sprung.

Peterson had been warned that the defendant, career criminal Kari Bazemore, was considered to pose a “high risk” of flight but refused to set $1,000 bail sought by the prosecution.

Bazemore was later deemed mentally unfit for trial and committed for psychiatric treatment.

He’s due in court again later this month, records show.

Peterson declined to comment through a spokesman for the state court system.



What are the odds that neither Bezemore or Bullock show up for their court appearances?


*Judge*  Peterson releasing miscreants (even violent ones) without bail seems to be the norm.  


Here’s a third example …





Maryland bail jumper cops say broke Port Authority cop’s nose granted bail again

Nov 05, 2019


A Maryland bail jumper accused of attacking a Port Authority cop in Midtown was being held on $5,000 bail Tuesday — angering law enforcement union officials who fear he’ll soon be back on the streets.

Musa Williams, 25, was hauled back to Manhattan on a fugitive warrant after skipping town on a criminal mischief charge in September, but a Manhattan Criminal Court judge last Friday ordered him released without bail, officials said.

Two days later he was arrested for allegedly attacking Port Authority Police Officer Richard Mills at the Midtown bus terminal, breaking the 27-year-old cop’s nose and cutting his eyeball, authorities said.

When he was arraigned for assault later that day, Judge Richard Tsai ordered Williams held on $5,000 bail, which by Tuesday evening still hadn't been paid.

The move outraged Paul Nunziato, president of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, who believes the violent fugitive should have been ordered held without bail.

“What was Judge Tsai’s logic, setting bail at $5,000, on a thug who brutally attacked a Port Authority police officer?" Nunziato asked Tuesday. “Officer Mills is highly trained and was able to defend himself. Thankfully we will not be attending another police officer’s funeral."

“Bail reform is broken,” Nunziato added. "Has unleashing predators back on the streets to prey on ordinary citizens become the new normal? This must stop.”


Williams has a string of assault arrests in Maryland and was arrested in Washington D.C., authorities say.


The warrant that brought Williams back to New York on Friday stemmed from his arrest by Port Authority cops Aug. 7 on felony criminal mischief charges. In that case, a Greyhound Bus worker saw him allegedly emptying two water bottles over two ticket machines and a few credit card readers, rendering them inoperable.

When he was brought before Judge Laurie Peterson, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office asked that he be held on $10,000 bail; Peterson ordered Williams be released without bail, a spokesman for the DA’s office said.

In the latest case, Williams allegedly attacked Mills when he stopped him on a bus-only ramp at the bus terminal about 10 a.m. Sunday, telling Williams he wasn’t allowed there. “I’m walking here. I’m free to walk here,” Williams replied before he began punching Mills in the face in what police sources describe as an “ambush.”

Williams ran and was later arrested at the corner of W. 39th St. and Tenth Ave. Medics took Mills to Mount Sinai West Hospital for treatment.


I'm beginning to wonder if there ANY democRAT Judges or are not crocked, incompetent or fools?


By the way, Judge Peterson was appointed by NYC's idiot Mayor Bill de Blasio.  


Just saying ...

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