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Class Act


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Just now, Olivaw said:

There are a few signs of hope out there. Too few, but it’s a start. 


Whatever we can get even if its baby steps.


I just wanted to share what this man has done.


I am glad that he stood with people that are in agony right now. 


Just a Class act.

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I wish there were more police officers like the one in the OP. 


The problem is, many relate to Trump and the Far Right.   So they see those who protest about the murder of  George Floyd, as the enemy.  Some of these officers probably sympathize with with the policemen that murdered George Floyd.  And these are the officers who express the most anger at the protesters.


This comes into sharp contrast when compared to the calm, non-confrontational way police handled White protesters, at state capitals, who were armed to the teeth ...  Many with scoped, semi-auto rifles.

Michigan state capitol | Poll-Vaulter



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