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Liberal left news media airs intentional misleading information to advance their leftist agenda.

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No one actually believes that the liberal left, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN New York times presents the actual facts and information in an unbiased and uncensored manner.  Not even the liberal left and socialist/communist democrats who actually control the liberal left media.  Of course the left will deny this, use it as an excuse to censor information like this blog/thread for you yuppie types and while saying "it's because it isn't true or factual".  Again the loser left likes that, and they pretend everyone buys it. 

One evening on the Evening News, ABC to be exact, head anchor David Muir, made a typical ignorant, unprofessional comment to excite people and make them believe something "untrue" as far as similarities go between a covid-19 death, if they are even that in the first place, and a combat death.  This guy obviously has grown up in a pampered and extremely protected environment and hasn't got a clue what reality and real life is about.

His comment was in reference to the deaths in combat of American service personnel and the death rate of covid-19 deaths when they "supposedly" reached the 60,000 plus mark.  Like a combat death where that service member faced death hanging on a thread numerous times before they were finally killed, existing in the worse conditions for a protracted time most couldn't even imagine to the death basically of natural causes, yes a virus death is pretty much natural.  What a moron this news anchor is, but that is typical today.


Seems like the ABC personnel are full of ignorant, inconsiderate and plain stupid and unprofessional comments, I am sure to make a name for themselves and get recognition. 

Morning,  Good morning America Show, loaded with misfits and morons, one of the male anchors, male or female they are all whacko's, Made a similar yet even more ignorant if that is possible, comment comparing combat deaths with corona virus, flu deaths basically which are grossly inflated to support the liberal left agenda.

This ignorant, obviously had a life that was the best of everything, got a trophy for participation, grew up with the entitlement mentality, got the best of everything he demanded and if not he seen himself as a "victim",  like all liberals today and the new generations.  He stated "for putting things in Perspective", that the covid-19 deaths now exceed all deaths from combat from  the Korean War to the present wars/conflicts.   What a loser this guy is, but again very typical of so called journalist, especially of the liberal left variety.


Here's some statistics for you to put the flu/covid-19 deaths in perspective with others causes,  Just two matter of fact. Two (2) of the hearts and minds of the values and  agenda of the liberal left, basically their calling card and what they stand for and  their core values.  Like everything they advocate and stand for.


Johnson's Archives/published statistics (even you liberals and this Nazi censorship site can verify.

Abortions since the 1950-ie the Korean War era, (babies killed/murdered or whatever some of you want to call it.  OVER 50 MILLION.


Drug overdose, (another liberal left and socialist/communist favorite goal-legalization of drugs) Since around the last three decades 1 MILLION DRUG DEATHS IN THE U.S.

And you liberals you useless so called journalist want to push the phony crises and demand people give up jobs, their freedoms, confined themselves to house arrest and if they go outside wear a mask that says, "I am criminal engaged in criminal activity" even though only the so called experts on the left profess that a mask will protect you from the virus.  Only a fool believes that, and the garbage put our by the liberal left, socialist/communist democrats and  the wacko left news media, like David Muir.


Lets see how many of the wackos on this site you allow to see these True Facts No holds Barred my posterior.

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