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What does Melania call heaven....??   5 nigger cocks in her ass while Cucky Trumpy watches

Youd take 6 nigger cocks?   I figured

No?   What other sites do liberals run where threads like this can exist I wonder?

A black man breaks into another house one night.

He shines his flashlight around, looking for valuables to steal for drugs, when a voice in the dark said,

"Jesus knows you're here."

He nearly jumps out of his black skin, clicks his flashlight off, and freezes.

When he hears nothing more, he shakes his head and continues.

Just as he disconnects the wires and picks up the TV,  clear as a bell he hears,

"Jesus is watching you."

Startled, he shines his light around frantically, looking for the source of the voice.

Finally, in the corner of the room, his flashlight beam comes to rest on a parrot.

"The fuck did you say dat?" he hisses at the parrot.

"Yes", the parrot confesses, then squawks, "I'm just trying to warn you that Jesus is watching you."

The black man relaxes. "Warn me, yo? Who in da fuck are you?"

"Moses," replies the parrot.

"Moses?" the black man laughs. "What kinda fucked up cracka names a bird Moses?"

"The same kind who would name the Rottweiler behind you Jesus."

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20 minutes ago, Blue Devil said:

- Democrat National Socialism -




Liberalism is a mental disorder.




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