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The War Against Religion, and how the religious joined forces with the Rich

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So hey, everybody is against religion, they just want to make sure people cannot congregate or even pray.

They are so wrong, no god exist, it was all a fable, the bible was made up from a list of savants, over many

many decades, lost in so much time, they rewrote the truth, I just know that they did.





Bull! The only people who attempt to rewrite or re-envision history are rich fuckers who are bent of division. 

And sure, there's all these other assholes who go along.



There is no War against Religion. There is no war against the rich!


I think there should kind of be a war against the rich, kind of,

So many of them seem to be such pricks!


The rich are so dishonest. They don't pay their fair share of taxes, they'll always find a way to get free of those taxes,

because why should they pay, they think. They are so powerful, they can hire lawyers, they got to preserve

their payload, and even make more.



And so they tie themselves into this religious schematic. 

Open up the Churches, 

Trump is such a fool, he doesn't even know how to make it sound spiritual.


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I just wish you thought

you could write a poem

without trying


So that you could 

realize how things 

should be


And how much 

it was worth fighting



Just so you'd know

just how close you

came to 



the balance

the equilibrium

the truth


And feel that all 

your sacrifice

was well worth



And that it changed

this world

in a good way



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In a world that is so filled with supplies,

people don't think about all the bottle necks 

in all the pipelines.

And even in rich countries, where people can get by

with food, and even some things afforded to them by

sudden government handouts, laid before them, 

in order to keep the order, so everything that was,

will soon start again, the same as it was yesterday,

even if the same was never something they felt

was good enough.


And most the people, the most educated of those

who cared enough, realized what they were doing,

well it wasn't really what they thought it was, 

and even if they struggled to get to where they were,

they suddenly realized, where they were,

just was never enough.




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You just want to think 

all that you can,

You start to realize,

well it is true, 

As an individual, I can

only change me,

You'd lose everything

in an instant, if only

to save some kid, 

it would be worth it,

to think this way.


Nobody knows exactly

how to do things perfectly, 

there are somethings you

could never teach, in such

an imperfect world

as this.


But that's no reason to weaken

your resolve.


They work in networks, commerce,

big pay, for connecting the dots,

one warehouse to another, one

manufacturer that makes one

key ingredient, with slave pay


so there can be massive profits

when no one is thinking

much about the problem


in all of that.


If they are making all that stuff

for the richer nations one would

think they could make it for themselves 

someday - they should not need us

for such,


you think, but there's something missing



And then you think,

what is happening to the rest of us.


It seems too easy to feel confused.

Are you educated enough, with enough

special skill to survive,

can you make all the beds in a hotel

can you be a waiter in a restaurant

all your life


and get by.








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So you think about the Bluish Green Planet Earth,

and what it used to be like, when you were

a child / how maddening the Vietnam war was

when your brother was over there and you felt

like a coward for thinking that you wished you

never had to go there yourself.

Even though you were just a kid.



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Embracing all the toys you loved to play with when you were an infant, only now in miniature, that you keep

on your desk at work.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy for 18+ monthsyeah, that's me, the fat guy playing guitar, before I went on a diet.



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well back then it was a free for all.

we just thought 

we were intertwined 

and we just did not care

we just did play

we just did say

what we felt


like it was the blues

(I'm just kidding of course)

I never was that fat.


Who am I kidding,

it was a war against religion,

and against the rich.


And old Neal was everywhere with 

his lyrical sense.


And Bob, he played the bass like he had no idea, 

it was almost like he was pretending with a tennis racket.



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