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By light when morning comes
and they all do stay up late,
the army of wild turkey are
enough to amuse the simple
fox, who by nature and necessity
will always find time to play.

They know him, like he knows
of them. So they come at him
to asunder /
and he was not their ill gotten

The playful fox was just
happy enough to let them
get close before he
ran away just thinking,

I guess that/'/s what its like
living in the city /
while its kind of fun,
I think I would just rather

Thank you Turkey/'/s
for relieving my boredom.

I bid you all ado
and a sweet fairdewell
until we meet again.

And then he smiled
to himself thinking about
the late morning to come
when he would chase his
tail in the tall grass of
his favorite hill.

Now isn/'/t this just
the perfect way to start
out a new day!


We are so challenged by our own fate,

so much so, we forget just how to relate.


They will teach you nothing, until

you decide how to learn.


It's like precision, one day you'll see

how you did something special, 

all by yourself.


And then, you'll want more, and 

still it never gets easy.


This is called art 

And it helps

to rethink, what

you thought

once before/


just to stay


And Free







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