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Why not have a communist only room?

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That way all the so called "liberals" can go there and bash Joe Biden. Neither myself or SpyCar will ever go to that room and call them bad names. They can post their propaganda without fear, and I don't have to see it. Makes perfect sense.

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The some are obviously in "NHB" just to name one source. They just see a blur from helping those who are already trying to get by to welfare "Queens" and they look on with discontent at all even though they have most likely benefited from government help at one time or another. Communism is not what anyone wants in fact it sounds a lot more like what Trump would like since the media is state controlled. Private ownership is the essence of freedom and capitalism with reasonable regulation will make society thrive, not having state owned everything.

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It might be fun to have forums where we could share texts and videos and such about different political ideologies.

They wouldn't be as popular as NHB or even this one, but they could be good for an occasional visit.

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THE LEADER WOULD SAY, AND IF THE ATF, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms comes after us,

well, we'll just all die, rather than let those pigs take us all down.


Screw the kids, I'm making a statement, he would insinuate.


We'll make it a big thing, a really big big thing, so that people, ignorant people will feel the chill and think that any gun safety laws

are meant to destroy the fabric in society. 


The NRA said that the second Amendment means it is your right to own a gun.


I don't care about anything, if I can't have a gun.


A mans got to shoot, don't they?


I mean WTF... It's a commune





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