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The entire economy could restart itself, someday

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Bill Gates has his eyes on the message,

We all know, we all should know that if we fill our hospital capacity

we are stuck in a total calamity.


If you fill all the hospitals past their capacity the economy will completely shut down.

Never mind the global economy, never mind the bottle necks worldwide that have already

created incredible shortfalls in things we urgently require now, so much so that we seem to have lost common sense.


You can't make n95 PPE here, there's nobody genius here enough to quickly figure out how to 

commandeer a factory and figure out how to mass produce n95 masks, we just don't have the

wherewithal to do something like that here.


You can spend billions to give to a company called Gilead to create Remdesivir a drug that dimly

shows some small degree of slowing down the effects of the corona virus disease by 

a couple of days, by which Gilead stands to make a loot of cash, 


but you just can't figure out how to spend a few billion to make PPE. That much is an impossibility



So they are all comparing this to WWII, but they sure has heck aren't acting like it.


Well I guess they are used to doing the bidding for corporations over the people who actually 

do all the work.


Get back to work, you people, go get back to work, or be safe, don't spread the virus, figure the whole

thing out yourselves.


The most important thing to remember is that no corporation should be held libel for any deaths by 

this disease. Insurance Corps for sure are not equipped to deal with all the claims, the courts are 

already filled up



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