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So by now, I don't care about what William Barr says

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The Justice Department in the USA, was never something I ever ever looked up to, I am sorry to say. 

But now, with William Barr, er, well, I just do not care what he say.


What the heck does Barr say about Ahmaud Arbery's death, where is his statement after it was in the news for several days?

Nowhere to be found. That's where. 

He was too busy with being a henchman for president Trump.


You should be very upset that a young man gets shot down by strangers for doing nothing but jogging down the street.

And yet, nothing from William Barr.


Maybe I, missed his strong statement castigating the local police. Maybe I missed his condemnation of the wrongful killing that he gave

with such a fiery speech that would make it clear to anyone what equal justice should mean.


Perhaps I am ignorant / Hey! Hey! Hey!

To what William Barr thinks is important regarding justice today in this USA.


I would like to hope that I am. I really wish I was!




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William Barr has demonstrated himself to be nothing more than Trump's flunkie, serving him whims and petty grievances increasingly overtly and shamelessly. I guess he's taking some of Trump's sense of invincibility since the Republicans collectively looked the other way. Barr's latest statement about "the victor's writing the history books' seems to sum up his inner most point of view nicely and its the one the drives most of the GOP:Might make Right, justice having little to do with it. 

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