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We all like money

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At first, money was abstract, back then, when most people couldn't even read. 

If you're reading this you know things have changed quite a lot since then.

We all like money now, with this one constraint, it has to work the way we intended it to.

When you say money should work this certain way,  well hopefully you don't mean 

that it should be used to destroy any hope of the betterment of all humankind. 


The Earth is all we got. As we know everybody dies someday and they can't take

their money when they leave. You think if you are rich, well that would be such

a luxury to have all my offspring acting like they love me more than God, just to 

make sure they get something in my will. 


Counting dollars, Pound Sterling, Yen, Swiss Franc, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, Malaysian Ringgit - yes that true, that's what they call it, the Krona in Iceland, 

on and on, the Nigerian Naira,  and who could forget to mention, the Ethiopian Birr. 


And we get by with money, it's what seems to tell us who we are.

Stuff gets moved all around the globe, and humankind we do hope someday does evolve.


Money is stuff. It's an interconnected landscape of things that go into other things that

make toilet paper, interconnected human waste water systems, n95 masks, water slide parks,

Netflex movies, while helping your local grocery worker make a life on their own.


It's dirty money is. We've mostly switched to plastic, but hey, it's all the same.

You learn about it early on. The first paper route, the first job, the whole, entire reason

you ever went to school to learn.


Don't be a free loader, don't be a slouch, learn something so that you too can someday

earn a living.


And that's what its all about.







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Man who tried to feed the world. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/man-who-tried-to-feed-the-world/

Norman Borlaug worked tirelessly to reduce famine around the world. This is a great story of how he figured out how to produce wheat that could grow anywhere.

His life's work brought with it new problems which are still today left precariously unresolved. 


This is why ordinary people need to talk to one another more, it's certainly why countries need to work together more.

Money most people think has this intrepid way about itself that somehow people think gets the job done somehow.

But the truth is, it never has, nor never will, since it is only a regulated currency by which most folks don't even understand

exactly how it is applied.


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