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Watched this PBS special about the Queen of England the other day

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WWII. I'm not old but older, the youngest of a large family, my dad fought in WWII. I grew up around quite a few older people still, grandparents and such who were born at the turn of the nineteenth century, and I remember them well. My grandfather was in WWI, and since we were a large family the older people were always around. They were different, but you respected them, looked up to them, 

but they were different is what I would mostly say. More cautious about life in general, peculiar I thought in almost every way. One thing I noted, later on was that they were right about quite a few things

I never really thought about much when I was a kid. They knew about food. They really knew how to cook what ever was available. No matter how long it took, they would spend the time to get it right. 

I'm talking about making sausage, cooking with what was ever available, and how to know whether or not meat was okay to eat, or whether it would kill you. 

So anyway I watched this show about the Queen during WWII and while I was not alive during those days, it made me think of my people quite lot.

So today is VE day and the Queen spoke to her people, she's 94, three years younger than my mom who is no longer alive. Anyway, yes, she matters, they all matter, and you know I thought that always when I was a kid. I loved being around them and listening to them speak about their lives. It was better than reading a book, it was a privilege hearing it first hand. 


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