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Open Up The Universities to allow them to do the needed PCR

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There are many qualified experts in Universities all over this country that can perform the Covid-19 qPCR test. Why not let them?

These are qualified people who perform PCR all the time. Many are more expert than many of those who perform the test in CLIA certified clinical labs today. 

If you really want to get serious on how to attack this viral pandemic, now is the time to move. We all know the economic hardships this has already created.

We need to closely watch the capacity of our healthcare system as we move forward towards some restoration of the economy. This is vital!


We already now fully know that we should have Universal Healthcare. As Bernie has pointed out for years and years, it is senseless that we don't!!!


All these people who need medications for a whole host of serious conditions can't pay for their medications because they lost their jobs and don't have healthcare.

And meanwhile, this country truly has the capability if we simply let the professionals go to work!


We need to think out of the box. I love Bill Gates, how he is spending all his time getting involved. But Frankly, there are so many people working in Research who have been

studying how to deal with such a pandemic for decades now. 


We need to trace, that means need to hire hundreds of thousands of college kids now, train them well, give them the laptops and the infrastructure to work with the CDC. 

We need to have folks going to all businesses to make sure they are safely practicing the hygienic requirements that must be completely mandated.


And yeah, we need to work with the WHO and all the countries in the world. Stop this stupid nonsensical argument with China, and work with their scientist for the good of all!


It is absolutely disgusting what this administration has failed to do. Most especially when you have most Americans wanting to do what they can!


This is a National Health Emergency - stop saying that it interferes with someones personal rights! That's like saying the creation of the ACA was a fascist act!




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