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Liberals Only  Room Rules PLEASE READ

Room about current news and not-so-current events. Liberals, including Progressives, Leftists, Greens, Democrats, etc. debate today's most pressing issues. Right Wingers and Communists should not post in this room. 
This is not a Democracy.  This is a benevolent dictatorship 
Rules for LO 
Welcome to Liberals only forum

No conservatives allowed - No posting in this room.
Post respectfully, personal attacks will not be tolerated
No more than five new threads a day
No trash talking about members and their kids 
No racism, sexism or ageism.   However, race, sex or age may be freely cited in an explanatory context, absent of bigotry.
No porn, or links to porn
No gore pictures
No cursing  in thread titles
No, 'outing' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc.
No linking to other political forums
No solicitations 


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