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Where have you been. I want some of that cherry pie.

Who let Zaro out?  She's spreading her yeast infection to bed-ridden women in the Aunt Ifa's Nursing Home.

@CommieSlayinGirl is a real woman. Nothing like that mutt @Zaro or @Scout 

1 hour ago, CommieSlayinGirl said:

I’ve seen her be nothing but a wretched, nasty, and hateful.


She's deeply troubled.


Saw a pic of me and now nothing makes sense to her.


In a moment - that which was concrete, became ether.


Lost lamb she is.

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2 minutes ago, Gayboyfive said:

I do not wear socks


Did you look at your Twitter account yet?


@lib_forum is going viral

Yes I see your many mentions. Like I care. Mention it all day.

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Just now, Gayboyfive said:

You are useless to humanity


Heil kfools


You suck as a moderator


Phuck you as you phucked up who I am


Move along.. Insert tounge in Trump's ass

It can all go back to how it was. All you have to do is agree to follow the rules.


Like EVERY other member.

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