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are you alive, lucky enough to be working at home with pay

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how long will it last, how long 

did you ever sit beside someone

who just wished for it all to end


as a young man out of college

we hiked high in the mountains

got drunk until the sun came up


And then ran down the steep

grade and dunked our bodies

in the cold river 


And then we hiked for miles

coming back to camp

somewhat spent


you know, the average



seemed much less stressful


since all the essential 

ingredients to life

had been removed


And then we just 

sat flat on our asses

for what thirty or forty



seemingly doing nothing

oh sure, once in a while


taking a cold shower

for excitement 


just to be booed enough

to feel responsible enough


to do something

we always thought

we were born to do


to stand up for peace

And use intellect

to show the world


- just what?






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