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The True Liberal Lament

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I suppose it's kind of like in any National Emergency, 

There's this tale of two towns.

The rich town is worried, they are talented and yes,

they have a lot of money invested, so right now,

exactly now, it's time to shuffle through their

portfolio's, because if they don't, well then

a somewhat significant part of their wealth

is going to take a pretty big hit.


Then again, in the poor town, people 

are worried even more about just paying

the rent. Those folks are worried that

they might not even have a job once

this thing blows over. Then where

will they be, they'll be worse than being

just broke. Having savings, man, wouldn't

that be nice.


Right about now it becomes more

clear just how many people are struggling

from week to week just to get by.


And we haven't even begun as yet to talk about

health, and all the folks who already have

real health problems, ranging from diabetes,

to heart and lung disease, and cancer.


This isn't even new. It's old. 

We spend trillions on having a military

just in case there is the need, standing 

by in the ready mode.


We know all about human made climate

change. And we also know about the 

economics of inequality, and the lack

of an equitable and true democracy.


The liberal folks are going to listen to

the medical experts from the CDC.

They are going to think about this

somewhat required temporary depletion

of supply and think hard about 

the best way to make sure 

nobody goes without during this time.


Which is something we should always

do even when there is no Worldwide

pandemic, or any other kind of 

emergency that involves everyone



China should have come out with

the truth faster, but the truth is, 

they did the world a huge favor

by literally diving on a live 

hand grenade called Covid-19.

One would think this would

be a remarkable time for 

the US and China to work 

together as one. To find 

some more common ground.

Lord knows the people in our

two countries are

not much different.


Yes, peace is far far better

than war. I think the scientists

in most countries for the most

part all could agree.


Use the congress for oversight,

truth, to transcend the rigged

policies, using the best minds,

bring them all in to testify, and

detail what,why, and how.

Oh, it's never going to be perfect,

but we should not have homeless

folks and broken down schools.







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