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Traffic signs, real or imagined

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Straight away from the birth canal you are, and while your personal identity awaits you,

there are these traffic signs the eventually manufacture in large part your self identity.

Well, that's not to say that you are not in control, but still you are affected in numerous

ways by the world that sits, all around you.


Generally speaking, it may have something to do with the time you were born into.

Generally speaking, it may have a lot to do with the neighborhood where you grew up.

The public school you went to, the people you knew, the possibilities someone 

might have showed to you. 


There are these traffic signs that do exist in the world all around us, that each

and everyone of us may encounter, as well as ideas that can be appreciated,

about. When John Muir was a young man, what in wide angle there is to see

about nature, that should be known --- and there are countless others.





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conserve. The idea of being a conservative, which we are not recognizing, in our politics, nor in society, nor in what has been given to us which was passed down,

in the nature of ideas, the things that are native within cultures that have been too easily forgotten - this is something that has hardly been talked about at all.

These things have become denatured, cruelly stolen from the spirits of good people all over this world. 

Kari Polanyi Levitt is a brilliant economist professor worth listening to today. Her aspirations as a youth, wishing to be a physicists, 

to understand all things big and small. From the molecular to the vastness of all everything.


People need to know about people like her.



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