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Now is the time for Sanders People and Warren's People to Unite

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Forget about who is gets the Democratic Nomination, and let me say that sadly the answer will be Joe Biden. Nevertheless, now is the time to unite the progressives under the same flag and demand for change from the Biden moderates. 


Who knew it - there's a problem with the heath care system in the US. They bored a hole, the they is the Republican Party from the get go, who fought from day one to eliminate the ACA. They ripped right through it once they got a Republican in the White House along with control of the US Senate. And, oh by the way. When the ACA was being created and then when it was finally implemented we saw the private health care insurance rates flatten out a bit. Why? It was because they knew that people wanted change big time, so they felt that it was in their best interest to curtail their greed. But not so much anymore. https://www.cepr.net/health-insurance-costs-still-soaring/


The Corona Virus Pandemic is a good illustration of the breakdown or should we say the revelation that, yes, the system as it now exists isn't Great, it's not Perfect, and from CMS down the line, while there are great profits to be made by the Private Insurer's and the Pharmaceuticals, as well as yes, the Giant Reference Labs, a whole lot of citizens are being left out in the cold. 


We know about school closures. We know about the high cost to get a higher education, as well as the lack of a decent education for all Americans from k-12 - we got big problems.

The Republicans gave us, gigantic tax cuts for the rich - which has nothing to do with anything except greed and waste.


The world as a whole is in it together. The US can absorb large deficits. But we also need to understand what we need regarding spending money for a whole lot of things - including big time spending towards climate change mitigation, as well as a strong movement towards renewable clean energy. 


And like the Corona Pandemic - the change needed is Time dependent. We cannot waste another decade, or even another 4 years.


So many issues with so little time. 


This is why it is imperative that the Progressives all Unite. First, we must join together to dump Trump, and at the same time build numbers in the US House, and then, we need to win back the Senate. 

We need young and old to come out in droves in the 2020 election in November! 

But, and this is essential. We need to demand change now!




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