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Trump’s Coronavirus Plan

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Trump has a ten-point plan to combat the Coronavirus.  That is:

1. Muzzles (not masks):
- Require all federal government health officials to wear muzzles in order to protect the Stock Market and his presidency.
- Suppress critical information needed by the public, so that he doesn’t get upset.
- Tell the public that “ignorance” is the best way to deal with the virus.

2. Diversion (and hot air):
- Blame the media.
- Blame the Democrats.
- Blame Obama.
- Create confusion and chaos about the virus.
- Attack anyone who tells the truth about the virus.
- Accuse them of trying to crash the Stock Market in order to sabotage his chances for re-election.
- Accuse them of fear mongering.
- Accuse them of wanting millions of Americans to die (despite the fact that they, and their family and friends, could be among those millions).

3. Alternative reality (and nonsense):
- Convince his fans that, because of his great and unmatched wisdom, he knows more about the virus than all of the medical experts in the world put together.
- Claim that his hunches are more reliable than data from the World Health Organization and from our
Centers for Disease Control.
- Contradict the world’s medical experts, and downplay the dangers of the virus.
- Call the virus a Democrat hoax.
- Promote misinformation that makes him look good.
- Claim that a vaccine will be ready soon (when in reality, it will take 12-18 months).
- Predict that the virus will miraculously disappear soon (like in a “reality” TV show).

  Denial (and cover-up):
- Ignore the dangers to our nation, and to the world, that he created when he gutted Obama’s programs to combat global viruses.
- Convince his fans that he gutted them because the health officials in these programs were sitting around doing nothing (while in reality, he was fighting birtherism).
- Create a phony narrative to cover his a$$, and to cover-up the damage caused by his decision to gut Obama’s programs.

5. Praise (praise for his so-called “leadership” on this issue):
- Constantly praise himself for his “leadership”.
- Have his bobble heads constantly praise him for his “leadership”.

6. Prioritize (put first things first):
- Top priorities:
  Golfing; Making himself look good; His re-election.

7. His experience (and his preparation for the presidency):
- Hey Corona ... you’re fired.

8. Paper towels (any brand will do):
- Throw rolls of paper towels at Corinavirus patients.

9. Political skill (use his three greatest political skills):
- (1) Alternative facts; (2) Bull$hit; and (3) Lies.
- (Sadly, his fans will take him seriously ... AND literally ... and they will cheer him.)

10. A sharpie (preferably a black one):
- Get a map and use the sharpie to draw a circle around the USA.
- And then say that he built a wall that will protect us from the virus.
- (Sadly, his fans would believe him ... they swallow anything he says ... no matter how absurd.)

Trump said that he gutted Obama’s programs to combat global viruses, because he’s a businessman.
  But, because he’s unable to recognize related issues, and because he’s unable to see the interconnections between related issues, he was unable to see the effects of global viruses on our businesses and the Stock Market.  We can see why he ran his business into the ground six times.  Obviously, he wants to do the same to our country.

And now Trump is trying to blame Obama for various problems associated with the virus effort (e.g., the delays in testing), despite the fact that there is NO evidence that Obama caused those problems.
   And despite the fact that he has now been “president” for over three years.  And despite the fact that he didn’t do enough to address the issue of global viruses before the Coronavirus became a problem in the USA.

Not only did he gut Obama’s programs to combat global viruses, he gutted programs that were addressing other aspects of global viruses.
  A while back, Trump said that he was going to make America safe again.  Obviously, his plan to make America safe again is to gut the programs that make America safe.

Trump has overruled a number of recommendations made by our medical experts.
  For example, he overruled their recommendations to protect the elderly who are especially vulnerable to the virus.

Trump claimed that Obama was the “founder of ISIS”, which is a claim that has NO basis in reality.
  Trump’s irresponsible actions that gutted our programs to fight global viruses could seriously impede the world’s effort to combat the Coronavirus.  Thus, any claim that the Coronavirus is the “Trump virus” WOULD have a basis in reality.
Our lives are literally in the hands of a fool.

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Ha ha ha ha ha.  The approaching epidemic sorta puts a damper on the humor.


12 minutes ago, RedStone7476 said:

Trump claimed that Obama was the “founder of ISIS”,


And we end up with this transparent grifter as the most powerful human being in the world ? %@>#$&<#$ ?  That he is believed by millions is more scary than any epidemic.

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For those who appreciate British political humor.  
And if you don’t appreciate British political humor, what is wrong with you? 🙂



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good stuff!

Errrr, we wonder why the government is only in the last few days saying - the system wasn't set up correctly to deliver the testing that is required. Trump says today, after calling this a National Emergency, that he takes no responsibility for the lack of testing because "the system", the system he inherited - not blaming anyone, he says, "the system" just wasn't set up. But now we have fixed the problem with the help of a private corp/government new plan. And look, nobody just wants to complain just for complaining sake, but what the heck, why wasn't this problem with "the system" spoken about a month or two ago? 

The issue is a structural one folks. CMS hasn't been doing its job, blame it on the CDC, but by no means can anyone blame it on the Trump Administration. 


Then, someone asked, are we working with all the other countries who are obviously going through this same Pandemic with us? Trump says, oh yeah, of course. He says, all the other countries are constantly on the phone asking us for advice.




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