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So what was Miles Davis all about

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I saw him in concert once. It was strange, great, wondrous. Musical tonality in a natural setting, things people don't have the time or notion to witness about all there is 

just this fabulous sound. It is just a sound, you could listen to this sound anywhere. I was driving along the coast where the fog rolls in like mountains over a flat horizon, over the seacoast,

over the ocean that sits seemingly flat. 

When I was a boy growing up in Michigan, I would drive down the major Ford road, and see tall buildings in the horizon, and on certain days see the clouds sink low, as if they were great mountains.

O I could imagine, I wished I could, the way things are, the way things should be/ and then, you all of the sudden knew - it was not any pipe in the sky false fake hope, it was more than a possibility, 

somebody could do it, somebody already had.


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