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open primary in South Carolina

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Please give me a summary, 

they build too many housing developments without building an infrastructure of roads, or mass transit. 

When they build, most times, and this makes sense, the home builders try to make the most out of real estate, or profit. 

Stop the building permits, which raises home pricing. Or, do something about the infrastructure, which detracts from private 

buildings, and allows the city to plan. 


Who runs the city, and why?

When we talk about rents, we are talking about market price, or we are talking about the city government regulating rental prices.

This is not a problem in places where no one wants to live. 

This is a problem when a city needs to employ people, and capital to keep the city safe and clean. 


You could be a politician first in the effort, say in Chicago, where you love this metropolis, this gigantic city that was always thought to 

be the center of distribution between the aggregate between agriculture and financial markets. 


We think of cities in this manner, we think of cities as congregations where manufacturing takes place, where finance takes place,

Charlie Bukowski wrote this emblematic poem regarding what he thought was the truth about what a city actually is. 


The city, wherever it sits, is situated geographically in a hub,

in that it is, there is no more any question, of why it still survives, 

because it does. 



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