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THE special relationship U>K U<S

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  i am an old boomer..i have seen many years...in the sixties and seventies the U.s was another part of the u.k..we were an american state off the coast of Europe in terms of culture and affection...

But today..the kids of today have no connection at all with the u.s..They see it as an undesirable destination would by far want to go to Canada or Australia or Europe...myself i have change attitude..while our government is trying to cosy us up for a new relationship with the u.s the streets are not happy...i think culturally we have diverged...for me the shock of Blair whom i voted/canvassed for and the whole idea of a warmongering socialist was too much..marched them streets in the capital..I swear 1 million marched..and now we have another PM who wants to brown-nose trump..the whole Brexit thing with Russian and u,s interference ( ye we got both). but the kids in the uk as elsewhere across the world see the u.s as the enemy of the future...yes ..austerity is bad for the young...austerity is river that comes from american style capitalism ..same with climate crisis...while most Americans are cushioned from the effects with magic money tree the rest of the world is not...and then trump comes along and destroys the post war order and institutions then breaks treaty after treaty ..he then goes on to shame me and my generation by bringing back seventies misogynism and ..ignorant dated racism..something the kids today have not grown up with..and some CIA bitch run over a british citizen and runs to trump for immunity..while they want the u,k to give assange extradition..i would vote for the removal of all u,s base in the uk..serious..but then these days who has the u.s special relationship with..Israel ? on a personnel trump level with russia,,,

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